OMG! Shirtless and Sweaty, Orlando Bloom Works Out!

A heartthrob once is a heartthrob forever. Since his time as Will Turner on Pirates of the Caribbean, Orlando Bloom has been making people swoon, and almost 20 years later, nothing has changed.

The 45-year-old Lord of the Rings actor shared his most recent sweaty and shirtless training routine on social media on Monday, June 27.

He captioned the collection of films from his most recent workout, “I fractured my back when I was 19 and they thought I’d never walk again.”

A strong (and shirtless) Bloom is seen lifting weights in the opening film while gripping a massive barbell with two 5 kg Aussie Strength weight plates on either side.

OMG! You Have to See Orlando Bloom’s Shirtless, Sweaty WorkoutHis trainer can be heard encouraging him as he completes five reps in the distance.

The Carnival Row star then gets on the ground and uses an ab roller to work his abs while performing an ab wheel workout, executing another five repetitions with tremendous concentration.

The movie actor is seen in the final clip exercising at a pull-down machine while facing away from the camera.

The recording pans while Bloom is working hard to display his toned body. In this film, he completes ten repetitions, and his Trainer advises him to “have a good squeeze on top.”

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Fans and acquaintances of other celebrities swiftly joined the conversation in the comments to support him and express their joy. Chelsea Handler, a comedian, retorted, “Oh, well, pardon us! There is a walker.

To get Katy Perry’s reaction to the steamy workout, some of the actor’s fans even tagged her in the post.

The 37-year-old singer of “Teenage Dream” and the actor from The Three Musketeers began dating in 2016. After briefly breaking up in 2017, the couple started dating again in 2018.

OMG! You Have to See Orlando Bloom’s Shirtless, Sweaty WorkoutOn Valentine’s Day the following year, Bloom proposed to the pop star. They had a baby daughter named Daisy in August 2020 as they prepared for their flexible wedding. The two haven’t exchanged “I do” yet.

While the American Idol judge has been silent over her fiancé’s workout, this isn’t the first time Bloom has garnered attention for his physique.

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The actor was captured on camera paddleboarding while unclothed in 2017.

Poor my son! He has high expectations to meet. The actor once said to Nick Grimshaw, host of Radio 1’s “Breakfast Show,” “I broke the internet.

Flynn, Bloom’s 6-year-old kid, is shared with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. “[Being photographed] was quite unexpected.

If I had known it would happen, I wouldn’t have put myself in that situation, he later said in an interview with Elle UK from the time.

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