‘Nisekoi’ Season 3: Release Date, Plot Details, Cast & More Updates in 2022!

When it comes to watching something interesting and entertaining, romance with a splash of humor is a winning combination. Nisekoi is one of those wonderful Japanese romantic comedy anime television shows that makes you feel light and happy.

The anime is based on the same-named shonen manga by Naoshi Komi. The manga series debuted on November 7, 2011, and it was immediately appreciated by anime manga enthusiasts. This successful manga series was naturally turned into an anime television series, with Season 1 starting on January 11, 2014.

This manga adaptation was favorably accepted by both manga fans and new viewers, resulting in the show’s renewal for a second season. Season 2 premiered in April 2015, and since then, fans have been waiting for the third installment to be announced.

As a result, contemplate the possibility of a third Nisekoi renewal.

When Is ‘Nisekoi’ Season 3 Coming Out?

Despite the film’s poor box office performance, it did provide fans with some good news around the time of its release: Nisekoi Season 3 was widely rumored to be the production studio’s next project. Since the premiere of the second season of Nisekoi in 2015, the Shaft studio has already published a number of new animes. ‘Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story,’ a new animation by the company, was released last year.

Fans, on the other hand, are hopeful that Shaft will produce at least one more season of Nisekoi, as it is still one of the studio’s most popular products.

There has been no concrete information about the new season thus yet. The manga features 25 volumes and 229 chapters, giving the writers enough content and material for another season. Despite the fact that the third season has yet to be officially announced by the studio, we may expect it to arrive in 2022.

Nisekoi Season 3’s storyline

Nisekoi Season 3

The anime follows Raku ichijo, the son of a Yakuza gangster who works for Shuei-Gumi. He’s a regular guy with a stammering problem. Then there’s Chitoge, a lovely young lady who’s also a beehive’s little daughter.

Raku Ichijou and Chitoge, the daughter of a rival gang, are high school students in the story. When Chitoge slams Raku in the face, their unexpected encounter becomes exciting. He loses his unique pendant in the process.

Raku chooses to learn more about Chitoge, and the two of them begin their search for the pendant, growing enmity in the process. Finally, after a long hunt for the pendant, Raku learns of the feud between the two Gangs and tries to settle it by pairing the offspring of the two leaders. For the time being, we can only predict that the two opposing groups’ feud will be explosive.

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Nisekoi’s casts

Over the course of the last two seasons, the program has introduced a number of new characters; here are a few of the most memorable:

Youths who are innocent Raku Ichijou, the son of a thief, grew raised in a gang. He makes a promise to a young girl throughout his childhood that he will marry her in the future, which he eventually keeps.

Nisekoi Season 3

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The character’s voice is supplied by Kento Nakajima.

Kosaki Onodera is Raku’s other best friend. She is a nice friend to have because she is a calm individual who likes Raku.

The character’s voice was supplied by Natsumi Ikema.

Chitoge Kirisaki is a Beehive’s daughter who is a gangster. She is the daughter of a mobster with a harsh disposition.

The role is portrayed by Ayami Nakajô.

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Previous Seasons of Nisekoi

nisekoi season 2

The most current episode was broadcast in June of 2015, and no information on season 3 has been issued since. Given a large amount of content they already have, a third season is possible. Now it’s time to look at Nisekoi’s last season.

If you’ve seen Nisekoi so far, you’ve definitely observed that Raku has feelings for a lot of the female characters. Season 2 only had 12 episodes, compared to around 20 in Season 1.

Other new characters were introduced, including Haru, Kosaki’s sister, who is suspected of owning the necklace and may or may not be his romantic interest, but the backstory is never explored.

We’re hoping to locate Chitoge’s red ribbon, which she lost while learning how to pledge her emotions for Raku, at the close of Season 2, episode number 12, the final episode that was viewable by the general audience.

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