Millie Court Weight Gain: All Details Are Here in 2022!

Millie Court has spoken out about receiving “nasty” weight-related comments, with some even asking whether she’s expecting.

While she likes her figure, the Love Island winner, 25, said the comments “sore” her and left her “broken.”

According to The Sun, the reality star felt as confident as ever when auditioning for Love Island.

Millie Court has been candid about receiving “nasty” weight-related comments, with some even asking whether she’s pregnant.

She was a size 8 before she arrived at the villa, but dropped to a size 6 throughout the show because she exercised and ate properly.

millie court weight gain

“I started gaining weight again after the performance, and as I rediscovered my curves, I felt sexy,” she remarked. However, I’ve since received a barrage of negative remarks on social media about my size 10 figure, with some even asking if I’m expecting.

Millie admitted that she used to ‘work out and eat a salad every day to reduce weight before being on Love Island (left), but she has subsequently gained weight (right)

“Although I’m happy with who I am now on the inside and outside, these comments hurt,” Millie concluded. Nobody likes to be judged, and I’m a human being.”

Millie responded to followers who asked if she was pregnant with an emotional post on International Women’s Day in March.

She also admitted that after reducing weight to a size six before participating in the show, she felt “tired and disoriented all the time.”

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millie court weight gain“Can you imagine if I couldn’t have children or if I tried and failed to have a baby?” she wondered aloud.

‘These words sting,’ Millie continued. ‘Although I’m pleased with who I am now, inside and out, these comments hurt.’ Nobody enjoys being judged, and I’m no exception.

Millie has since regained her previous weight and admits she is happier than she has been in the seven months since leaving the Spanish home.

The TV star posed in a bold black blouse and matching trousers with a lengthy caption to draw attention to her bigger figure.

“I’ve been getting a lot of these messages and comments lately…” Millie said in a story commemorating International Women’s Day, sharing the news. Let’s talk about it because today is International Women’s Day.

Millie responded to admirers who asked if she was pregnant with a passionate post on International Women’s Day in March.

“NO, I’m not pregnant, though I hope to be one day and know it would be one of the best days of my life, as a woman, especially in public, I’ve learned what it’s like to be pulled between how one looks, dresses behaves, and so on, and it may be difficult for someone to be continuously criticized.”

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millie court weight gain“I consider myself to be a strong young lady, therefore those words rarely harm me, and they don’t hurt me.

“So I’m doing my best to show everyone that you’re beautiful in whichever way you want it to be, without all the cuts and filters.”

“However, imagine how that person may take that comment and how it might harm them if you made it to them.” Of course, that implies that someone has put on weight, and it almost feels like a kinder way of asking, “Are you pregnant or just gaining weight?”

Defending herself: Before appearing on the show, the reality star said she suffered from feeling “tired and disoriented all the time” as she shrunk down to a height of six.

Prior to her appearance on Love Island, the actress opened up about her own body worries, revealing that she has shed two dress sizes by exercising and eating salad every day.

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Millie said she was terrified of being compared to the other female stars in the house while being pleased with her appearance.

“Before Love Island, I was always between a size 8 and 10, but mostly a size 10,” she revealed. ‘I didn’t think twice about it because I was so pleased with my appearance.’ Millie further on the situation.

“However, she decided to go to the gym to lose weight before taking part in Love Island.”

“Because of my height, it made me look unhealthily thin,” Millie explained, “which I was (eating nearly nothing, feeling nauseous all the time, weary, disoriented, and so on).”

“I felt compelled to lose weight in the weeks preceding up to Love Island since I knew I’d be surrounded by attractive, slender women.”

“I worked out every day and ate a salad for lunch, and I was getting tired of it.” For a variety of reasons, including a new story, I had changed while on the show.

“However, I dropped from a size 10 to a 6, which is the smallest size I’ve ever worn as an adult.”

“Because of my height, it made me appear unhealthy thin, which I was (hardly eating, often ill, weary, dizzy, etc.) and I remember looking in the mirror and seeing that I had lost my boobs and butt, as well as the curves I used to have and MISSED.”

Millie went on to say that since leaving the Respect Island home, she has lost weight and is comfortable in her own skin, urging her fans to “love her body.”

millie court weight gain“Anyway, the point is that since I got off Passion Island, I’ve rediscovered my love for eating, and, yes, I’m back to my normal size,” she explained.

“However, I enjoy being this way, and I want you to understand that embracing your body and accepting yourself as you are is the most essential thing you can do.”

“We come in all forms and sizes, and each one is ideal in its own way.” But don’t hold yourself to the idea of ‘perfection’ in terms of beauty.

“Don’t feel obligated to act like some of the runway models because I understand how stressful this job and being in the spotlight can be.”

“And today, I’m letting go of that pressure and telling you all that I’m entirely content with myself.”

Millie went on to say that since leaving the Love Island villa, she has lost weight and is more at ease with her body, imploring her fans to “love her body.” mchannel=rss&ns campaign=1490&ito=1490 Millie Court of Love Island says she was stung by ‘nasty’ pregnant remarks about her weight increase.

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