Langa Anime Character, Release Date, Plot Details Everything You Need to Know in 2022!

‘SK8 The Infinity,’ a skateboarding animated series, has given fans of sports anime a new addiction.

Studio Bones’ original Japanese anime, ‘SK8 The Infinity,’ is set in the future. From January 10 to April 4, 2021, it broadcast 12 episodes in Japan.

Anime enthusiasts adore the show ‘SK8 The Infinity.’ On MyAnimeList, it has a fantastic 8.04 rating and is ranked #413 in terms of popularity.

The first season finished with the characters preparing for a larger competition. Let’s see how this sports anime develops in the future. Season 2 of ‘SK8 The Infinity’ has everything we know so far.

Will ‘SK8 The Infinity’ be renewed for a second season?

Fans of ‘SK8 The Infinity’ will be glad to hear some excellent news. The anime will return for a second season! There is already a new ‘SK8 The Infinity’ project in the works. With amazing visuals, an engaging plot, and exhilarating skateboarding scenes, Season 1 of SK8 The Infinity was a pleasant surprise for anime fans.

The overwhelmingly positive response from the audience made it more likely that the anime would be renewed. Finally, on July 4, 2021, No Border Animation and Studio Bones announced that they would collaborate on a new ‘SK8’ project.

Anime enthusiasts presume they’re talking about ‘SK8 The Inifinity,’ which is in its second season. However, no confirmations have been made. There’s also talk that the new project will be turned into a film. There has already been a teaser for the upcoming film. However, it is unclear whether this is the second season or a film.

When Can We Expect Season 2 of ‘SK8 The Infinity’?

If the new ‘SK8 The Infinity’ project is season 2, it will be released in 2022 or 2023.

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Season 2 of ‘SK8 The Infinity’ has a plot. What is it?

langa anime characterWe don’t know where the second season of SK the Infinity will lead us right now because it’s an original plot, and we’re still waiting for any updates on the planned continuation.

Specifically, we have no idea how far the second season will go if it ever exists due to a general lack of knowledge. The plot of the show is outlined here in broad strokes.

Reki Kyan, a high school student who enjoys skateboarding, frequently enters illegal races at the “S,” a racetrack in an old mine where Okinawa’s skaters gather at night. They also compete in beef fights, which can be dangerous at times. Reki transports Langa Hasegawa, a new student from Canada, to his class.

Langa quickly reveals that he is not just passionate about skating, but also has extensive snowboarding experience dating back to childhood. Langa swiftly outgrows his pal under the tutelage of Reki, who teaches him the fundamentals of this unusual sport. Reiki also creates a custom board for him.

So Langa surprises everyone by winning against “Shadow,” a skater known in S for his poor routines, and then against Miya, a national team skater who is much younger. Langa rapidly became well-known among S. visitors as a result of this.

They draw a clear line between their skateboarding evenings and their regular lives; discussing what is going on in S is strictly forbidden.

And, like Shadow, a few more are skating the night away in disguises and identities, including “Joe,” a caterer, and “Cherry Blossom,” a well-known calligrapher by day.

Following Langa’s victory, a great skater emerges to challenge him: Adam, who created S. He’s a local politician who backs S and is a vicious, sadistic, and unpredictable skater.

His fight with Langa, on the other hand, is remarkably close — until the cops intervene and everyone escapes. Adam is involved in some unlawful operations and power battles as a politician, and an ambitious investigator is now breathing down his neck. Reki’s fight with Adam gets too hazardous at the same moment, and he demands Langa vow not to fight him again.

Langa continues to frequent S’s with Reki despite his commitment not to compete again. Shadow and Miya, as well as Joe and Cherry, who were once competitors, become friends. While Adam announces a tournament, Reki notices Langa skating past him — he is known as “Snow” at S and competes against the greatest.

Reiki is unsure whether skating is still the correct sport for him, so he avoids his buddies, especially since Langa wants to compete in Adam’s tournament despite his pledge.

Then, after a fight with other skaters and Tadashi, and while privately monitoring Langa, Reki understands that he may not be as talented as he thinks he is, but he wants to encourage his friend.

He had already begun to lose the pleasure of skating without Reki, but that pleasure has now returned with Reki. At the competition, a mysterious new skater enters who appears to be Adam’s equal.

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It’s about his servant Tadashi, who taught him to skate and now wants to keep him from getting too wrapped up in it and jeopardizing his career – especially since his master hasn’t had much fun with it in a long time – but it’s also about a great one Bitterness and inner loneliness, and the one who’s looking for his equal, his “Eva.”

Langa has now been chosen as a candidate. As the competition advances, Tadashi understands that Langa’s skating ability and passion for the sport can help Adam overcome his animosity, so he lets him go first.

Surprisingly, Adam only narrowly defeats Reki, who is now also competing, but it does not detract from his newly acquired skating enthusiasm. Langa narrowly defeats Adam in a very risky final, demonstrating to him that he is not alone and that he can once again enjoy skating.

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Season 2 of SK the Infinity Cast

langa anime characterWe can’t talk about the cast and characters of a prospective second season of SK the Infinity yet because we don’t know if there will be one.

We don’t anticipate seeing many changes in the framework of season two if it ever happens, because we know the series will have a more-or-less fixed cast. The following are the main characters from season one that is expected to return for a second season:

Seiy (Japanese Voice Actor) is a character in a Japanese animated film.

Hatanaka Reki Tasuku

Chiaki Kobayashi is a Japanese actor who is known for his role in the film Langa


Miyake Kenta

Matsumoto, Joe Yasunori

Hikaru Midorikawa’s Cherry Blossoms

Nagatsuka Miya Takuma Takuma Takuma Takuma Takuma Takuma Tak

Koyasu, Adam Takehito

Kensho Ono, Tadashi Kikuchi

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Where can I find Season 2 of SK8: Infinity?

As expected, there is currently no way to watch SK the Infinity season two because there isn’t one to watch. Because Funimation, one of the top anime-related websites on the Internet, broadcast the first season worldwide, it’s logical to anticipate that a second season will be broadcast there as well.

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