Jessa Duggar Wears Damaged Pants and Defies Dad Jim Bob’s Modest Clothing Code on Sisters’ La Trip!

Jessa Duggar is the latest member of the religious reality TV family to break dress rules. She swapped her long dresses for jeans while visiting Los Angeles with her sisters.

Jessa, 29, tweeted a selfie of herself and her siblings on vacation in California. The mom of four appeared to be walking on a pier in the Instagram image.

Even though the shot is black-and-white, it’s evident that Jessa’s attire is different from her father’s. She’s wearing denim pants and a white T-shirt in the photo.

Her jeans hugged her curves.

Similarly, Jessa’s top hugged her figure, which was unusual for her. This isn’t the first time Jessa has disobeyed her father. Ben Seewald and she recently broke a big rule.


Jessa captured a photo of her husband and kid Spurgeon eating out. The photo was posted on Reddit, where some questioned if the huge orange drink was alcoholic.

 Jessa Duggar flaunts curves in tight ripped jeans & defies dad Jim Bob’s modest dress code AGAIN on LA trip with sisters

The billboard said: “A Facebook user inquired if Ben is drinking. I bet it’s virgin, but what do you think?” Fans were torn on whether it was booze-free or if Ben and Jessa followed other rebellious Duggars.

One commenter: “Doubt it’s alcoholic. Ben is too drunk to drink publicly.”

Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if he drank occasionally, but it would be concealed in his kitchen after the kids are in bed.

Someone said: “Two of his sisters had beers. Maybe? But I prefer non-alcoholic.”

A fourth fan wrote: “Judging from the small hands grabbing for it and his lack of worry, it’s probably simply Orange juice.” The Duggars have tight restrictions on clothing, conduct, and more.

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 Jessa Duggar flaunts curves in tight ripped jeans & defies dad Jim Bob’s modest dress code AGAIN on LA trip with sistersAmy Duggar, a member of the Duggars’ extended family, told The Sun about her Uncle Jim Bob’s harsh assessment. She says she was judged for her “immodest style” because mum Deanna reared her in a less conservative home.

Amy said, “Jeans and bright shirts, I climbed trees. “I was a tomboy. Nature and the outdoors were my favorites.”

Continued: “Loved music, dated. I did what most youngsters and teens do.

“Black sheep was my nickname. They never called me a black sheep, but I was wild.” Amy said that despite being a “normal, regular person,” she was cast as a “bad, wild girl.”

She said, “I was shocked. Why am I wild?

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“I couldn’t spend the night with them in my car.

“Several times I asked, ‘What did I do?’ What went wrong?” She said, “Now I view it as protection.”

Amy said her cousins judged her but “simply didn’t know better.”

She said, “I’m different from them, but that’s not a flaw.

“I didn’t wear or talk like they did. I watch TV.

I could go to the cinema and mall and they couldn’t.

She said: “Without trying, it set me apart. Growing up, they were protected.” Amy is typically considered as the most rebellious Duggar, but she’s not alone.

Cousins Jana, Jill, Jinger, and others have started wearing jeans, displaying shoulders, and wearing short dresses.

Jana, Jinger, and Jennifer accompanied her on the vacation.

Jessa’s new outfit comes after viewers question Ben Seewald’s sobriety. The Duggars’ rigid standards dictate how they dress, date, and abstain from alcohol.

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