Jennifer Love Hewitt Pays Tribute to Her Late Mother with a Heartfelt Message: “It Feels Very Raw”

Jennifer Love Hewitt is coming up on the one-year anniversary of her untimely death.

Patricia Hewitt, 43, posted a lengthy Instagram tribute to her mother, Patricia Hewitt, who died ten years ago.

“Someone warned me after I lost my mom that the first year would be difficult, the years after would create strength in me, and then the 10 year mark would be an open wound all over again,” she wrote on June 12, to the delight of friends and followers.

“Because being separated from her for so long would be insanity.” They were correct in their assessments. It’s a pretty raw day today.”

“I’ll never forget missing out on saying goodbye,” Hewitt continued. I’ll never forget walking into her house that day, thinking she’d appear around the corner, and then waking up the next day hoping it was all a nightmare.

Love me crew! Paul McCartney is joined by his family for sea jaunt to celebrate his 80th birthday | Daily Mail Online“The innumerable times I accidentally phoned her because I forgot she couldn’t pick up when anything nice or horrible happened.” I’m proud of how I’ve dealt with adversity. But it’s too painful for me.”

The actress, who has been in shows including Ghost Whisperer and Party of Five, also spoke about her mother’s legacy.

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Autumn James, 9, Atticus James, 7, who turns 7 on June 24, and Aidan James, 9 months, are Hewitt’s children with husband Brian Hallisay.

“I have two great children and a wonderful man who helps me create our tiny family every day.” “She knew it was everything I’d ever desired,” the actress wrote. “I’m sure she’s with us all the time.”

Today, I’m going to eat and drink her favourites. I’ll look at photos of Mimi and all her adventures with the kids and be grateful that she was mine, even if only for a short time. Mama, I cherish you. “Forever and always.”

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When her mother died of cancer, Hewitt was 33 years old. Patricia died in 2012, when she was 67 years old. Patricia’s death was revealed in a statement at the time by the actress’s rep. In 2012, the rep remarked, “Her family mourns her loss.” “She was an angel to everyone who knew her, and they’re glad she’s in a better place now.”

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