How To Watch Yellowstone: Watch All 4 Seasons of the Hit TV Series in 2022

Have you heard about the upcoming television drama Yellowstone, which will premiere in 2022? It’s not too late to catch up on this Kevin Costner-starring Western drama.

Season 5 of Yellowstone will premiere on the Paramount Network on November 13, 2022.

While you wait for the premiere, you may binge-watch Seasons 1-4 on an on-demand streaming service at your leisure.

Season 4 of Yellowstone, which aired on NBC’s Peacock from January 2 through January 2, 2022, is now available to watch on-demand.

If you’re excited about the new season, you’ll need a subscription to a live streaming service to watch Season 5, which will air on a few different networks.

Team Clark has all the data on the finest Yellowstone streaming deals for both modes of streaming.

Yellowstone is broadcast on which television channel?

On the Paramount Network, new episodes of Yellowstone are broadcast. Select cable, satellite, and live streaming TV services provide live and on-demand access to this network.

The Paramount Network is available in HD on DIRECTV Channel 241 if you’re looking for it.

The Paramount Network is available in HD on Dish Network Channel 241 if you’re looking for it.

Yellowstone has four seasons completed, with a fifth on the way. The first four seasons have a total of 39 episodes and are frequently aired on the network as reruns.

Yellowstone’s fourth season premiered on the Paramount Network on November 7, 2021, with new episodes airing on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on both the Paramount Network and CMT. Season 4 ended on January 4, 2022, after a total of ten episodes.

Season 5 is set to premiere on November 13, 2022, on the Paramount Network.

On-Demand Streaming of Yellowstone

You have a couple of different options if you want to binge-watch the first four seasons of Yellowstone.

The first option is perhaps the most straightforward and cost-effective: Peacock on NBC has a subscription service.

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Yellowstone Stream on Peacock

yellowstone streaming serviceYellowstone is available exclusively through Peacock, an on-demand streaming service announced by NBC in 2020.

While there is a free version of Peacock that gives you a taste of the series, you’ll have to pay to obtain access to the entire library of episodes.

The following is how it works:

Monthly Fee for Yellowstone Peacock Subscription Level

Only a 90-minute pilot episode of Peacock is available for free.

Premium Peacock $4.99 (free to select Xfinity users)

Seasons 1–4 are available with ads.

Seasons 1-4 of Peacock Premium Plus is $9.99 without ads.

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3 Additional On-Demand Streaming Choices

Other on-demand streaming choices for Yellowstone aren’t quite as good.

To begin, you might purchase individual episodes or seasons of the show from Amazon. These usually cost $2.99 for each episode or $19.99 for the entire season.

Second, you may use the cloud DVR feature of one of the live TV services listed above to record episodes of the show as they appear on Paramount Network, both in real-time and as reruns.

Waiting for reruns to cycle through the Paramount Network programming schedule will take several weeks. You’ll also have to fast-forward through a lot of advertisements.

Finally, you can access premium content from Paramount Network’s website or app using the login credentials from your cable, satellite, or streaming subscriptions.

However, a brief look at the Yellowstone catalog on the Paramount Network website reveals that you won’t be able to see every episode.

For just $4.99 a month, you can watch the complete catalog of Yellowstone’s first four seasons if you can stand the commercials connected with Peacock Premium.

If you must avoid advertisements, spending $9.99 on Peacock Premium Plus is the best alternative.

Yellowstone National Park Live Streaming Services

If you’re a cord-cutter trying to watch Yellowstone live as it airs on TV, you’ll need to find a live streaming service that includes the Paramount Network.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular live-streaming providers that offer the Paramount Network, as well as how much the subscription package required to watch Yellowstone costs:

Monthly Subscription Price for a Live Streaming Service Is Unbeatable

Yes, $64.99 for YouTube TV

Yes, Hulu + Live TV is $69.99.

Yes, $69.99 for DIRECTV STREAM

fuboTV Yes $69.99

Orange Sling TV

Yes, with a $35 channel add-on and a $6 channel add-on.

Blue Sling TV

Yes, with a $35 channel add-on and a $6 channel add-on.

Philo Yes $25

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Philo is the best value option for live streaming Yellowstone.

Philo is the most cost-effective method to get the Paramount Network, costing only $25 per month. Of course, you’ll want to double-check that the remainder of Philo’s channel lineup is adequate for your streaming requirements.

With certain cable and satellite television providers’ login credentials, you can also live to stream the Paramount Network. To use that approach, you’d need to have an existing subscription.

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