How Old is Ryan Trahan? Age, Biography, Career & More Updates in 2022!

Ryan Trahan is a YouTuber from the United States who is renowned for his lighthearted content, which includes videos about his relationship and lifestyle.

Ryan Trahan’s Girlfriend: Who Is She? Ryan Trahan used to be Haley Pham’s girlfriend, but the two are now married. During the Covid-19 Pandemic last year, the couple married.

Ryan Trahan makes a lot of money off of his social media accounts. Ryan Trahan is well-known not just for his YouTube videos, but also for his Instagram and Twitter posts. Ryan Trahan is a multi-talented individual who also owns a water bottle company.

Wiki/Bio Personal Information: Age, Birthday, Nickname
Ryan Trahan is his real name.

Ryan’s Nickname

On this day in 1998, I was born on the 7th of October.

24 years old in 2022

The United States of America was his birthplace.

California, United States of America

Gender Male



Nationally American

College Graduate Degree in Education

Parents and Family of Ryan Trahan

He lives in the United States with his family, and he adores them. His family members have no objections to him doing this profession. And his family is extremely large; we don’t know much about them, so we’ll definitely tell you next time.

They haven’t revealed much about their family, but if they learn more about it, they will undoubtedly tell you. He has become a well-known celebrity. On YouTube, there’s a fitness girl.

• Names of Family Members

No information from the father

mother, there is no information

There is no information, brother.

There is no information on your sister.

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Ryan’s Relationship Information

how old is ryan trahanRyan Trahan is straight and single when it comes to their dating status. He is not involved in any romantic relationships. In addition, he prefers to concentrate on his job and does not discuss his personal life in public.

• Relationship Status

No, I don’t have a girlfriend / I’m single

No unmarried couples

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Ryan Trahan’s YouTube profile

He began his YouTube channel, which is centered on his daily life, six years ago. He currently has 276 videos and 3.75 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Ryan Trahan posts entertaining content on a weekly basis.

His early YouTube videos focused on sports and athletes, but as time went on, he began to make videos on challenges, reviews, reaction collaborations, and lifestyle, as a result of which Ryan Trahan has a large and active fan base.

Ryan Trahan has had excellent communication skills since childhood, which have proven to be a valuable asset in his YouTube career.

He has done several collaboration videos with other YouTuber mates in addition to his content, which is a great way to expand your reach and followers.

His YouTube channel content is always up to date, and he has won silver and golden play YouTube buttons as a result of his continual struggle, consistency, and hard work with his YouTube channel since 2013, which is a significant achievement.

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Entrepreneurial Life of Ryan Trahan

Ryan Trahan is an entrepreneur in addition to being a YouTuber. He is the CEO of Neptune Bottle and Hydra Collector. Many local artists may design and sell their apparel thanks to Ryan’s merchandising Hydra Collector.

Neptune bottle is an eco-friendly, revolutionary reusable bottle concept that he came up with when he was in high school. Ryan Trahan merchandise is frequently purchased by fans, who like wearing it and displaying Ryan Trahan’s gesture of affection.

Despite the fact that he has been creating YouTube videos since 2013, his YouTube channel received more attention and attention in 2017 after he published a video titled “My fastest mile time ever- Schrader mile 2017,” which has over 2.5 thousand views and counting.

Following that, a video titled “Copying Emma Chamberlain’s Instagram for a Week” went viral, garnering over 1.5 million views and praising Ryan’s talent.

Ryan Trahan’s estimated net worth for the year 2022 is unknown.

Ryan Trahan makes a good living via YouTube commercials and public relations, but his items hydra collector and Neptune bottle are his main sources of money. This year, his estimated net worth is around 3.2 million dollars.

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Ryan Trahan is an American football player. Dimensions and weight

how old is ryan trahanRyan Trahan stands at a height of 5’9 feet (175.295cm), which is good (centimeters). He has a charismatic height.

His weight is likewise great; 65 kg, as he has been a fitness freak since he was a teenager. He is exceptionally gorgeous due to his white skin, blonde hair, and hazel-colored dreamy eyes. There’s a reason why his fans are so enamored with him.

• Social Media Accounts (Instagram, Youtube, etc.)

Instagram @ryantrahan

Twitter @trahan

YouTube @rytraha

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