How Old is Prince Louis? Every Sweet Detail We Know About the Little Royal In 2022!

We already know a lot about Prince Louis, despite the fact that he’s only four years old. Here’s everything we know so far about the young royal.

1. On April 23, he was born.

It’s also St. George’s Day, England’s national day, so it’s a highly patriotic birthday.

2. His given name is Prince Louis Arthur Charles of the United Kingdom of the United Kingdom

Each of his three names is a reference to a family member.

3. At birth, he weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte both weighed more than this when they were born.

4. He was born at St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing.

Both of his siblings and his father were born at the hospital, which is located in London’s Paddington neighbourhood.

5. He was born and returned home the same day.

Kate Middleton, meanwhile, was nothing short of amazing when she stepped out holding Louis just seven hours after giving birth.

6. He is the king’s fifth son-in-law.

After grandfather Prince Charles, father Prince William, big brother Prince George, and big sister Princess Charlotte, it’s Princess Charlotte’s turn.

7. His surname has a history of being passed down through the family.

It’s a nod to Prince Louis’s great-grandpa, Prince Philip’s uncle, Louis Mountbatten, who was a father figure for Charles and was assassinated in 1979.

William and Charles’ middle names are Arthur and Charles, respectively, and Charles is his grandfather’s name.

Are there any other royals? Aunt Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth, Grandpa Charles, and uncle Prince Harry

8. The announcement of his name took four days after William and Kate had waited four days.

This is most likely so they can meet Charles’ new grandson.

9. He sleeps well.

Louis was “behaving himself” at an Anzac Day service, according to Louis’ father, William. During that same service, however, William was discovered dozing off!

10. He has a slew of celebrity admirers.

Like Louis Tomlinson, who said he’ll “take Louis under my wing” on Twitter. Former First Lady Michelle Obama also wished him well, tweeting that she is looking forward to their “Kensington Palace pyjama party.”

11. He was unable to attend the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Little Louis stayed at home during the festivities, while his older siblings George and Charlotte served in Harry and Meghan’s wedding party.

12. He slept through his royal christening on the verge of falling asleep.

On July 9, his mother carried him into St. James’s Palace’s Chapel Royal, where he napped while greeting Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who led the ceremony. “Let’s hope he’s like this for the rest of his life!” He learned it from Princess Kate.

13. Princess Charlotte, his older sister, is a huge fan.

how old is prince louisCharlotte holds Prince Louis’ hand and stares at him in awe in one of his christening portraits — a sweet moment for the family’s biggest show-stealer!

14. He has an irresistible smile.

how old is prince louis

The last official christening portrait shared with the public featured Little Louis’s gummy grin as the best part. It was so sweet, in fact, that Will and Kate decided to make it public, despite the fact that it was only taken for the family’s eyes.

15. Louis is George’s mini-me.

In portraits released by the royal family in November to commemorate Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, the youngest member of the family is a spitting image of his older brother. As he’s held by Kate, Louis’ pinch-worthy cheeks are on display, a trait George and Charlotte were known for as babies.

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16. His hair is darker than his siblings’ locks.

Louis appears to have inherited his mother’s personality! Despite the fact that George, like his father and grandmother, Princess Diana, is a blonde, the young prince’s hair appears to be darkening.

17. Louis and his grandfather already share a special bond.

how old is prince louisIn a touching photo from the BBC One documentary Prince, Son, and Heir: Charles at 70, Louis grabs hold of Prince Charles’ hand. It’s no surprise that William’s father is “brilliant” with the kids, as he says in the documentary.

18. He mastered his family Christmas card debut.

The Cambridges shared their first-holiday photo as a family of five, with Prince Louis cuddled in his mother’s arms and looking directly at the camera. Early in the fall, a holiday portrait was taken at their Norfolk country home, Anmer Hall.

19. Crawling is second nature to the little royal…

how old is prince louisWhile speaking to a crowd gathered outside the Victoria and Albert Museum in Dundee, Scotland, in January, Kate provided an exciting update on her 9-month-old son. Kate told a woman, “Louis is a fast crawler,” according to photographer Mark Stewart, who was among those who captured the visit.

20. …and is always on the move!

During a visit to the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre in March, Kate told other parents, “Louis just wants to pull himself up all the time.” “He’s got these little walkers, and he’s bombing around in them,” says the narrator.

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21. His two front teeth have come in

In his first birthday portraits (taken by mom Kate! ), the little prince showed off his toothy grin. In the adorable photos, Louis appeared to be a cross between his two older siblings.

22. Louis is a contented baby!

“He’s the most cheerful, smiley little boy – he’s always so happy and content,” a source close to Prince Louis tells PEOPLE.

23. He already has a flawless royal wave.

On the Buckingham Palace balcony in June 2019, Prince Louis made his Trooping the Colour debut. He didn’t squander any time in flaunting his royal wave… and never stopped greeting the crowd!

24. One of his first words was a sweet nod to Mary Berry, the well-known British chef.

“One of Louis’ first words was ‘Mary,’ because all my cooking books are on the kitchen bookshelf right at his height,” the royal mother explained.

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25. A classic is his favourite song.

“One of Louis’ favourite songs,” Kate explained, is “Happy Birthday.”

26. He causes some trouble for his parents during video calls

how old is prince louisKate and Prince William, like millions of other families, have been using video calls to keep in touch with family members while adjusting to a new life under lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. Prince Louis, on the other hand, can’t seem to stop himself from cutting the conversations off inadvertently!

“He always wants to press the red button for some reason,” William told the BBC.

27. He’s already given his first public appearance as a member of the royal family…

Prince Louis joined his older siblings in asking naturalist and television icon Sir David Attenborough a question about the natural world in October 2020. “What animal do you prefer?” Louis asked sweetly.

28. …and made his red carpet debut!

In December 2020, when Kate, Prince William, and their three children attended a pantomime performance at the London Palladium, they walked the red carpet. Little Louis took a seat on Kate’s lap to watch the show while looking around in awe at all the activity.

29. He’s on the move.

how old is prince louis

Kate and Prince William shared a photo of Prince Louis on a red walker bike to commemorate his third birthday in 2021.

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30. Keeping up with him isn’t always easy!

In addition to his bike, Kate stated that Prince Louis is “extremely fast,”, particularly on his scooter.

31. He’s started school.

The week of his third birthday fell on the first day of preschool for the little royal. He goes to Willcocks Nursery School, where his older sister Princess Charlotte is a student.

32. He has a few stamps on his passport.

Kate and Prince William chose a family portrait taken during a private vacation in Jordan for their 2021 Christmas card photo, implying that Prince Louis has already travelled the world!

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