How old is Madison Bailey? Age, Biography, Career & More Updates in 2022!

Madison Bailey is an American actress.

Madison Bailey was born on January 29, 1999, in the United States state of North Carolina. She celebrates her birthday on January 29 each year. Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius. In the year 2021, Madison Bailey will have turned 22.

Madison Bailey is a rising sensation because of her role as Kaira on Netflix’s “Outer Banks.” Aside from that, she was a film buff who intended to act in the future, but in her early years, she didn’t have much to work with on her camera.

She made her first appearance in front of the camera when she was 16 years old and still a secondary school student. She then took the decision and set goals to pursue acting as a career.

Madison Bailey is an actress from the United States who acted in the Netflix film Outer Banks in 2020. She began acting as a child, playing minor roles in a variety of films and television shows. Madison has also acted in the films Black Lighting (2018) and Creepshow (2017).

About Info

Date of Birth:

Madison Bailey is an actress who has appeared in several films

Profession Actress

Known for its

Outer Banks is a Netflix series in which I play the part of Kiara.

$50k – $500k in net worth

Zodiac and Birthdays


29 January 1999 was my birthday.

Aquarius is the Zodiac Sign.

New York, USA is where he was born.

Nationality American

Ethnicity Multiracial


Local High School / College / University

Statistics on the body


56 Kilograms

32B-24-34 is the size of my body.

N/A (Natural)

Dark brown eye color

Dark Brown Hair Color

Relatives and friends

Alex Bailey is the father.

Katherine Bailey was a mother.

Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Gregory Kristina Bailey is Ken’s sister.

Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok are just a few of the social media platforms available.

The way you look

Madison Bailey has curly brown hair, brown eyes, and a fit body due to her African and Italian ancestors. She stands 5’8″ tall and weighs 58 kg.

School and Education in Early Childhood

In Kernersville, North Carolina, she was born on January 29, 1999. She went to East Forsyth High School and saw numerous episodes of Legally Blonde, but she never regarded acting as a serious career option.


How old is Madison Bailey?

She is the youngest child in her family, with six older siblings. There are three elder brothers and three elder sisters among the six senior siblings. She was adopted by a white couple after tracing her ancestors to Africa and Italy. Madison announced her adopted mother’s death on Twitter in 2018, and she thanked her admirers for their support.

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In honor of their mother, she and two other sisters received tattoos. In Outer Banks, her sister Katie Bailey plays Madison’s stunt double, leaping fences and other stunts. Madison noted Katie’s interest in gymnastics, and despite her lack of stunt experience, she spoke with the stunt coordinator and ironed out the specifics, and the sisters are now working together on the Outer Banks.

She’s pansexual, and she’s opening up to Entertainment Weekly about her coming-out experience. She revealed how she revealed this to her parents during an argument tonight.

When her mother inquired what she didn’t know about Madison, she said that she didn’t know that Madison had been dating a female for a month, to which her mother replied, “Fine Madison, be gay.” When she told her father she was gay, he simply said, “I know.”

She went on to say that coming out was a breeze for her. She also stated that she used to think she was bisexual because she still felt attracted to boys when she dated a girl, but after dating a trans boy with whom she worked on a show, she realized she is pansexual, which she defines as “basically just loving people for people, regardless of gender or any type of sexuality or any type of anything.”

She is presently dating Mariah Linney, a member of the University of North Carolina Charlotte Women’s Basketball team, and the two have matching forearm tattoos. Madison has also been diagnosed with BPD.

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How old is Madison Bailey?

Madison is best known for her role in Outer Banks as Kiara Carrera, although she began her acting career when she was in a high school musical and adored it. Following that, in 2015, he landed her first acting role as Caroline in the film Constantine.

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She was cast as Mary Hold Bear in Swamp Murders the next year. In 2016, she did not appear in any films or television shows, but in 2017, she played Angela Henry in two episodes of Murder Chose Me and Chloe in Mr. Mercedes.

She also played Zoe in Two Roads and Jackie in Night Club Secrets later in 2018. She also starred as Wendy Hernandez in the American superhero television series Black Lightning, which premiered in 2018 and concluded in May 2021. In the 2018-19 season, Madison appeared in six episodes.

She portrayed Carla in the American horror anthology television series Creepshow, which premiered in 2019. She went on to star in Council of Dads, a drama series based on Bruce Feiler’s book of the same name, which premiered in 2020. For three episodes in this series, she had a recurrent role.

After that, she starred as the Bowling Alley Girl in Impractical Jokers: The Movie, a film based on the truTV comedy series of the same name.

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Outer Banks gave her the lead role in 2020, and the program is still running. Kiarra Carrera is her character in this Netflix teen drama, and she has appeared in 20 episodes thus far.

In 2021, she also played Kelley in the Drive-In episode of American Horror Stories, another American anthology horror television series. Her Instagram account currently has over 6 million followers.

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