How Old is Kane? Age, Biography, Career & More Info in 2022!

Kane is an American professional wrestler. His real name is Glenn Thomas Jacobs. Prior to his professional wrestling career, he was a kindergarten teacher. He currently competes for the ‘World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) ‘Monday Night Raw’ brand. He wrestled for ‘Smoky Mountain Wrestling’ (SMW) and the ‘United States Wrestling Association’ before being signed by the ‘WWE’ (USWA).

He made his ‘WWF’ (now WWE) debut in a ‘Hell in a Cell’ bout in which he tore down the cell’s door. He’s known as the ‘Big Red Monster’ because of his red and black mask, which matches his colossal character. He is a three-time “World Champion,” a 12-time “Tag Team Champion,” a two-time “Intercontinental Champion,” and a one-time “Money in the Bank” champion.

He was first revealed as ‘The Undertaker’s monster half-brother.’ The ‘Brothers of Destruction,’ consisting of him and his half-brother, ‘The Undertaker,’ became well-known. He is one of the most well-known wrestlers from the ‘Attitude Era,’ having competed against WWE superstars like ‘The Rock,’ ‘Steve Austin,’ ‘Edge,’ ‘Chris Jericho,’ and ‘Big Show,’ among others. Glenn is also a politician, entrepreneur, and actor.

Early Years and Childhood

On April 26, 1967, Kane was born Glenn Thomas Jacobs into a ‘US Air Force family in Torrejon de Ardoz, Spain. His parents were initially stationed in Spain but eventually relocated to the United States.

Glenn was born in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, and grew up there. He received a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from ‘Truman State University.’

What is Kane’s age?

How Old is Kane?He was born on April 26, 1967, at the age of 55.

Height in feet of Kane (WWE)

He stands at a height of 7 feet, 0 inches (how tall is).

Kane’s (WWE) weight is unknown.

Kane weighs 145 kgs and is a WWE superstar.


On February 20, 1995, Jacobs debuted in the ‘World Wrestling Federation’ (WWF) as ‘Mike Unabomb.’ In a match at ‘Raw,’ he defeated ‘Reno Riggins’.

On June 26, 1996, he made his debut appearance on ‘Raw,’ as Jerry Lawler’s personal dentist, ‘Issac Yankem,’ whom Lawler had hired to remove Bret Hart from the ‘WWE ring. Jacobs made his ring debut against Hart on August 15, 1996, and lost by count-out.

In September 1996, he was reintroduced as ‘Diesel,’ with Rick Bognar (then known as ‘Razor Ramon.’) as his partner. He last appeared as ‘Diesel’ with ‘Ramon’ at the ‘1997 Royal Rumble,’ only to be resurrected as ‘Kane,’ a ring name that catapulted him into the ‘WWE’ spotlight.

How Old is Kane?Jacobs’ character was reimagined as ‘The Undertaker’s long-lost half-brother, who arrived in ‘WWE’ to challenge him. When Paul Bearer’s attempt to reconcile with The Undertaker after a long period of mutual animosity failed, he disclosed it.

The major secret of ‘The Undertaker’ was then revealed by Bearer to the rest of the world. He tormented ‘Taker’ by associating his scarred face with the latter’s childhood home, which he had unintentionally burned down. With the exception of Kane, who survived the fire with a burned face, his family had perished in the fire.

On October 5, 1997, Jacobs made his ‘Kane’ debut at ‘Badd Blood: In Your House,’ against Shawn Michaels. He was dressed in a scarlet and black mask and had long hair that suited his huge physique.

‘The Undertaker’ hesitated to confront him at first since ‘Kane’ was a family member, but after Kane cost him the ‘WWF Championship,’ he consented to a bout at ‘WrestleMania XIV.’ Although Kane was defeated by ‘Taker,’ their hatred lasted for a long time.

After defeating ‘The Undertaker’ on the June 1 episode of ‘Raw,’ he became the ‘WWF Championship’ No. 1 contender. After defeating “Stone Cold Steve Austin” at the “King of the Ring,” he won the championship.

He joined a tag team with ‘X-Pac,’ became affiliated with ‘D-Generation,’ and met his girlfriend, ‘Tori,’ in 1998. His defeat at ‘WrestleMania 20’ was betrayed by ‘Tori’ and ‘X-Pac.’

Kane became the runner-up after being eliminated by ‘Steve Austin’ at the 2000 ‘Royal Rumble,’ setting a then-record of eliminating 11 wrestlers. ‘Kane’ and ‘The Undertaker’ fought alongside ‘Edge and Christian,’ ‘Rikishi and Haiku,’ and others as the ‘Brothers of Destruction in 2001.

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He defeated ‘Triple H’ to win the ‘Intercontinental Championship,’ and then went on to win the third ‘Grand Slam Championship.’ Before chokeslamming his then Tag Team partner, ‘Rob Van Dam,’ Kane removed his trademark mask in 2003.

Fans were particularly taken with his 2004-05 tale with ‘Lita,’ whom he married and later pregnant. Lita experienced a miscarriage as a result of an accident in the ring.

When ‘Lita’s’ real-life lover and ‘WWE superstar, ‘Edge,’ intervened in her relationship with Matt Hardy, the feud came to an end. By cashing in his ‘Money in the Bank’ bag, he defeated ‘Rey Mysterio’ in 2010 to win the ‘World Heavyweight Championship.’

He was also the first wrestler to win the ‘WWE Championship,’ ‘ECW Championship,’ and ‘World Heavy Weight Championship,’ all at the same time. On March 19, 2018, he chokes and slammed John Cena after the latter acknowledged Cena’s challenge to confront him at the next ‘WrestleMania.’

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Achievements and Awards

Glenn has been honored with a number of prizes and accolades. The ‘WWF Championship,‘ ‘ECW Championship,’ and ‘World Heavy Weight Championship,’ to name a few,’ are among them.

With various partners, he is also a 12-time ‘World Tag Team champion. In 2010, he won the competition ‘Money in the Bank.’

During his ‘WWE career, he has won a total of 18 championships. In 2011, he was named #4 among the best 500 singles wrestlers in the “Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) 500.”

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Life in General

How Old is Kane?

On August 23, 1995, Jacobs married Crystal Maurisa Goins, his wife. From their marriage, they had two daughters.

He also participates in libertarian politics and maintains a blog where he expresses his libertarian viewpoints. Jacobs also stated in May 2016 that he would like to run for mayor of ‘Knox County’ in 2018.

He officially declared his Republican candidacy for the seat in March 2017.

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He earns $1.3 million per year.

He has a $7 million net worth.

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