How Old is Gaten Matarazzo? Age, Biography, Career & All Latest info 2022!

Gaten Matarazzo is a singer, actor, and performer who was born on September 8, 2002. He’s with the band “Work in Progress” as the lead singer. “Prank Encounters” and “Stranger Things” are two Netflix programs in which he appears.

He’s only 17 years old, but he’s already made a reputation for himself in the entertainment world in the United States.

He has millions of followers on social media. The trailer for his upcoming program “Stranger Things” was published in February 2020.


Gaetano John “Gaten” Matarazzo III’s given name is Gaetano John “Gaten” Matarazzo III’s given name is Ga

Gaten’s Nickname

August 8, 2002, was my birthday.

Years of experience (As Of 2022)

At the age of 19

Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, United States of America, is where he was born.

Nationality American

Religion Christianity

Profession Actor

Virgo is a zodiac sign that is associated with the earth.

Unmarried But In A Relationship Status

Lizzy Yu is a woman who is both a friend and a wife.

Children N/A

Size & Mass


165 cm in length

1,6 meter

63 kg (about).

poundage: 138

Brown Eyes

Light brown hair color


Gaten Matarazzo will reach the age of 19 in 2022. He was born in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, United States, on September 8, 2002.


Tuckerton, New Jersey is home to Pinelands Regional High School.

Number One Alma Mater

Childhood, Parents, Siblings, and Background Information

how old is gatenGaten Matarazzo was born on September 8, 2002, and is a well-known actor and singer (age 17 years old, as of 2019). His parents are Italian, and he speaks the language fluently.

Gaten Matarazzo Sr. is Gaten’s father, and Heather Matarazzo is Gaten’s mother. His two siblings are Sabrina, his older sister, and Carmen, his younger brother.

Matarazzo grew up in Connecticut before moving to Tuckerton, New Jersey, to attend Pinelands Regional High School. He went to the same school as his brother and sister.

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how old is gatenHe began his career as a theatrical performer, then moved on to working in shows before pursuing singing. His parents encouraged him to pursue his passions for singing and acting as he grew up.

In 2015, he made his acting debut in “The Blacklist,” where he played Finn. After that, in 2016, she worked on a TV program called “Stranger Things,” which is still running.

In addition to “Ridiculousness,” “Lip Sync Battle,” “Prank Encounters,” and others, he has worked in a variety of other programs and shows. As of 2020, Gaten’s total net worth is $ 2 million. He also provided the sound for “Bubba” in the popular film “The Angry Birds Movie 2.”

Gaten is a gifted singer who has appeared in music videos such as “Swish Swish,” “Lost Boys Life,” “Meet Me on the Roof,” and “Jimmy Fallon’s Golden Globes 2017 Opening,” and others.

He has been nominated for many accolades and has even won some as a result of his performance. He was named best actor in 2017 and received the award.

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Television Shows And Films

In the film The Blacklist, he made his acting debut in 2015. Gaten Matarazzo, like many others, is active on social media. He has around 9 million followers on Instagram. He made his debut television appearance in an episode of “The Blacklist” in 2015, playing Finn.

He rose to fame after beginning production on the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” in 2016. He landed Dustin Henderson, the show’s most crucial role ever, as the primary character. He played Jean-Michael in the Pinelands Regional Thespians’ production of “Cinderella” in 2018. He also participated in an episode of the TV show “Drop the Mic” in 2018.

In 2019, he starred as Bubba in the sequel to the Angry Birds Movie and hosted the TV show “Prank Encounters.

Salary and Earnings

He is thought to be worth between $3 and $5 million dollars.

He is supposed to earn $50,000 each year. Because of her work as a TV actor, his wages are disproportionately high.

$5 Million in Assets

Salary $50,000

Acting Based on Income

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Girlfriend and Partner, Personal Life

how old is gatenLet us now turn our attention to Gaten Matarazzo’s private life. On his Instagram account, we can see a lot of pictures of him with his Asian girlfriend Lizzy Yu.

She’s also an actress and a well-known figure on social media. Yu has over 400k followers on her Instagram account. For more than two years, the pair has been deeply in love.

When it comes to Gaten’s social media presence, he has 13 million followers on Instagram alone. He has 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

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Gaten Matarazzo has a soft spot for animals.

He makes an effort to raise awareness about his CCD disease.

Matarazzo is a die-hard fan of the Star Wars franchise.

He enjoys going on vacations.

Skylar Astin and Gaten are close friends.

He once shared a large sushi plate and stated that his favorite dish is sushi.

A Lincoln Navigator is his mode of transportation.

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