How Old Is Clarence Thomas? Age, Childhood, Education, Networth & More Latest Info in 2022!

Clarence Thomas is an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Clarence Thomas is the second African-American to serve on the US Supreme Court. As a Supreme Court justice, Clarence Thomas receives $230,000 a year plus allowances.

How old is Clarence Thomas?

Thomas was born on June 23, 1948. He is 74.


Thomas was born in 1948 in Pin Point, Georgia, a small, primarily black village near Savannah created by freedmen after the Civil War. He was the second of three children born to M. C. Thomas, a farm laborer, and Leola “Pigeon” Williams, a domestic worker.

They were descendants of slaves and spoke Gullah as a first language. Thomas’ earliest known ancestors were slaves named Sandy and Peggy, born in the late 18th century and held by wealthy planter Josiah Wilson of Liberty County, Georgia.

Thomas’ father left the household when he was 2 years old. Though Thomas’s mother worked hard, she was often paid pennies a day and struggled to feed the family. She was sometimes forced to rely on charity.

After a house fire left them homeless, Thomas and Myers were sent to live in Savannah with his maternal grandparents, Myers and Christine (née Hargrove) Anderson.  Thomas then experienced indoor plumbing and regular meals for the first time.

Myers Anderson had minimal academic education but created a profitable fuel oil and ice business. Thomas has dubbed Anderson “the greatest man I’ve ever known.”

When Thomas was 10, Anderson started taking the family to a farm every day from sunrise to dusk.  Anderson believed in hard work and self-reliance, and he told the youngsters to “never let the sun catch you in bed.” He taught his grandsons the value of a good education.

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how old is clarence thomas

Raised Catholic, Thomas attended the primarily black St. Pius X High School for two years before transferring to St. John Vianney’s Minor Seminary on the Isle of Hope, where he was among a few black students.

He temporarily attended Conception College College, a Roman Catholic seminary in Missouri. No one in Thomas’ family had attended college.

Thomas says he left the seminary after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. He overheard another student say after the shooting, “Good, I hope the son of a bitch died”and didn’t think the church did enough to prevent prejudice.

At a nun’s advice, Thomas enrolled at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, as a sophomore transfer student.

While there, Thomas helped form the Black Student Union. He once joined a walkout after black pupils were reprimanded but white students went unpunished for the same conduct.  Some priests negotiated with protesting black students to reenter the school.

As a student, Thomas attended anti-war marches and observed the 1970 Harvard Square riots. He credits these for his disillusionment with leftist movements and his shift to conservatism.

Thomas spoke Gullah as a child and recognized in college that he still sounded unpolished despite having been schooled in grammar, so he majored in English literature “to conquer the language.”

At Holy Cross, he was a member of Alpha Sigma Nu and the Purple Key Society. Thomas graduated from Holy Cross in 1971 with an A.B. cum laude in English literature.

Thomas was deferred from the military draught while at Holy Cross. After graduation, he was categorized 1-A and had a low lottery number, indicating he would be recruited to serve in Vietnam. Thomas failed his medical exam because he had a curvature of the spine and was not drafted.

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Who is Clarence Thomas’ wife?how old is clarence thomas In 1987, Clarence married Virginia Thomas, aka Ginni. Ginni Thomas is known in Washington for her conservative advocacy.

Ginni Thomas led the tea party movement early in President Obama’s term. In 2009, she launched “Liberty Central,” a now-defunct conservative advocacy organization, before founding Liberty Consulting.

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Clarence Thomas’s Net Worth

Net Worth $24 Million
Assets $17 Million
Monthly Salary $21,000
Liabilities & Loans $5 Million
Investments $9 Million
Taxes Paid $36,210

Clarence Thomas’s Salary

Clarence Thomas earns $230,000 as a Supreme Court justice. Clarence Thomas additionally receives a travel allowance, electricity subsidy, etc.

Clarence Thomas’ first income as a lawyer was $12,000. Clarence Thomas’s first salary as a Supreme Court justice was $90,000.

Clarence Thomas Annual Income

Clarence Thomas and his family own over 6 real estate properties and get monthly rent. Clarence Thomas owns almost $2M in bank deposits and government bonds, which give him interest and dividends. Clarence Thomas’ annual rental revenue is nearly $800,000. Clarence Thomas earns $300,000 in dividends and interest.

Year Income
2021 $940,000
2020 $830,000
2019 $910,000
2018 $990,000
2017 $830,000

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