Engage kiss Release date, Cast, Plot – All You Need to Know in 2022!

Many new anime trailers and previews have been released recently in anticipation of their release in the summer quarter of the year. As a result, anime fans can anticipate exciting announcements.

The official teaser for the Engage Kiss anime has just been released, and the anime will be released this summer.

The Engage Kiss anime’s production team recently revealed a slew of new details about the upcoming show, including additional cast members and the show’s official premiere date.

Engage Kiss is a one-of-a-kind anime project produced by A-1 Pictures. It is classified as a romantic comedy with comedic overtones.

The project was first announced by Aniplex on March 25th of this year. A teaser visual image and a few cast members were also released as part of the announcement.

Release Date for Engage Kiss Anime

According to the promotional video, the Engage Kiss anime project will premiere on July 2, 2022.

In addition, a mobile game based on the franchise will be released. Square Enix will produce the game, which will be titled “Engage Kill.”

What is the plot of the anime Engage Kiss?

engage kiss release dateThe story of Engage Kiss takes place in the city of Bay long. Shuu, Kisara, and Ayano are the main characters in the story. Baylong isn’t a native city. This is a Pacific Ocean island that was made artificially.

Their major goal is to harvest as many natural resources as possible. Shuu is the proprietor of a small company. However, he has a bad habit of losing his earrings. This has caused him a lot of difficulties throughout his life.

He runs out of money most of the time. Kisara is a girl who can multitask effortlessly. She manages her work, controls her home, and attends high school all at the same time. Shuu holds a special place in her heart.

She seemed to be continuously concerned about him. Shuu’s ex-colleague turned girlfriend is Ayano. Right now, her life’s purpose is unclear.

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Cast and Crew of Kiss Anime

engage kiss release dateTomoya Tanaka is the anime’s director. Tomoya Tanaka has worked as a storyboard artist and episode director on a variety of anime series, including Hunter x Hunter, Naruto Shippuden, and The Seven Deadly Sins. The anime’s scripts are being written by Maruto Fumiaki.

Masaaki Takiyama will be in charge of animation character design, while Chiaki Furuzumi will be the assistant animation character designer. Masaaki Takiyama has worked on the anime shows Banana Fish and The Fate.

Chiaki Furuzumi worked in the anime Death Note and Black Butler’s production teams. They are both serving as the anime’s principal animation directors. The theme song for the anime “Darekare Scramble,” as seen in the promotional film, will be played by Halco.

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The cast of Voice Actors

Aniplex previously disclosed the core characters when they announced the upcoming anime. Souma Saitou provides the voice of the main character Shuu Ogata. Souma Saitou has voiced roles such as Miyano Yoshikazu in Sasaki to Miyano and James Moriarty in Moriarty the Patriot. Aizawa Saya provides the voice of Kisara, the second main character.

Norn Greyrat from Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation and Yuzuki Tachibana from Taisho Otome Fairytale are two of her most well-known characters. Finally, Lynn will play Ayano Yuugiri, the third main character. Lynn previously voiced Hibana from Fire Force and Sakura Yamauchi from I Want To Eat Your Pancreas.

A new voice acting cast has been announced. Sharon Holygrail, a newly introduced character, will be voiced by voice actor Rumi Ookubo. Nona from Death Parade and Nana Hiiragi from Talentless Nana have both had Rumi Ookubo as their voice actress.

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In-Engage Kiss, how many episodes will there be?

The number of episodes in Engage Kiss Season 1 has not been officially announced. It could have 12 or perhaps more. We’ll update it as soon as we have more information.

Where Can I Stream Engage Kiss Anime?

This information has not been validated by the authorities. However, we believe it will be released in Japan on Tokyo Mx. The rest of the globe will be able to access it through the same network channel. Netflix is one of the streaming services that may offer it. However, there has been no word from Netflix as of yet.

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Is the Engage Kiss Anime trailer available?


Yes, a trailer for Engage Kiss is available. On the given link, you can view the trailer for the latest anime, Engage Kiss.

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