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Brad Pitt Believes He Has Undiagnosed ‘facial Blindness,’ Which Explains His Aloofness.

Brad Pitt started his image of being aloof and self-absorbed may be due to an undiscovered physical problem.

Oscar-winning actor told GQ he might have prosopagnosia, or “facial blindness.” National Institutes of Health defines prosopagnosia as an inability to recognize faces.

Pitt likes to recall people’s faces and feels “ashamed” when he can’t. “Nobody believes me!” he told the magazine.

Depending on the disorder’s severity, people can have trouble recognizing a familiar face or identifying a face from an object, per NIH. One in 50 people has the disease, according to the Prosopagnosia Research Center.

Brad Pitt thinks he has undiagnosed 'face blindness' and that's why he seems aloof and self-absorbedProsopagnosia can come from a stroke or brain injury or be inherited. NIH reported youngsters born with prosopagnosia “never could recognize faces.”

Pitt has hypothesized about having prosopagnosia. In a 2013 interview with Esquire, he admitted he has upset individuals due to his trouble recalling faces.

Pitt told Esquire he was preparing to get tested for prosopagnosia, and Carnegie Mellon offered to photograph and investigate his brain.

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“Many people detest me because they think I’m demeaning them,” Pitt stated in 2013. “But it’s a mystery to me, guy. I can’t grasp a face despite my design/aesthetic background. I’ll get it tested.”

Brad Pitt thinks he has undiagnosed 'face blindness' and that's why he seems aloof and self-absorbedPitt has maintained a reputation for being “cool” throughout his career, but he’s been engaged in issues since his divorce from Angelina Jolie.

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Jolie accused Pitt of child abuse in 2016. The FBI later exonerated Pitt of child-abuse claims.

Following his breakup, Pitt revealed he had an alcohol problem and has been sober for nearly six years.


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