Angelina Pivarnick Says Her Troubles with Ex Chris Larangeira Are “big” on Jersey and All Star Shore!

Angelina Pivarnick is in the midst of a painful divorce from Chris Larangeira, and she dreads having to relive the collapse of the marriage on two TV series in the coming months.

Pivarnick tells PEOPLE it will be “extremely hard” to see her relationship difficulties on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and All-Star Store.

“I’m taking it day by day and that’s all I can do. I pray now, a lot.

I look to God for so many things and I just pray to him, hopefully, this will all be okay,” she says, revealing that the breakup of her relationship with Larangeira will be “a major event.” “on All-Star Shore in particular.

Angelina Pivarnick Says Her Troubles with Ex Chris Larangeira Are “big” on Jersey and All Star Shore!Pivarnick, 35, and Larangeira, 42, got married in November 2019. After two years of marriage, word came in February that he’d filed for divorce in January, alleging “irreconcilable disagreements.”

Pivarnick believes “a key reason” for their split was because Larangeira wasn’t always on her side.

“That’s what lead us to where we are now. That’s unfortunate.

It’s sad. I cry lots. The whole situation has been incredibly depressing and painful for me. I don’t think people know how hard it’s been for me “she says.

“Still, I cry a lot even though we’ve been apart for a while. But that was eventually my biggest concern “she continues.

Angelina Pivarnick Says Her Troubles with Ex Chris Larangeira Are “big” on Jersey and All Star Shore!“I never felt like he was on my team in many things in life. And I can’t feel like that. I always want to be on my partner’s squad. I want vice versa. I want us to be one. A good squad. And he has my back, I have his.”

Pivarnick says the former couple “weren’t on the same page in a number of things.”

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“There were a lot of lies, and he could say whatever he wanted about me,” she continues. “That’s unfortunate. I wish him the best and feel bad, but sometimes life doesn’t work out. But I don’t want bad blood with him or anything. He was my husband.”

Pivarnick’s marital difficulties weren’t a fun part of filming All-Star Shore, but she had a pleasure filming the first-of-its-kind party competition series.

The show brings together reality stars from Love Is Blind and The Bachelorette to compete in party-themed events for cash.

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“It got so competitive. It was a weird experience. The craziest experience of my life, “says Pivarnick. “I truly didn’t believe I’d do this show. I joined pretty late because I was undecided. Should I go or not?”

Pivarnick says, “But I needed to get away, I wanted to meet new people, and I wanted to accomplish this task. I wanted to see whether I could push my body to the limit. I’m actually happy with myself. I didn’t know I could accomplish that”

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