After a mesmerising performance “Harry Styles has been compared to Freddie Mercury.”

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After a spate of mesmerizing performances, Harry Styles was compared to late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

The singer, 28, has been wowing crowds all over the world with his Love On Tour, with former One Direction bandmate Niall Horan among the throng for his London show on Sunday.

While Niall drew the attention of those in the corporate box, it was Harry who surprised his fans with an outstanding performance, with several concertgoers comparing him to Freddie Mercury, who was famed for his flamboyant performances before his sad death in 1991.

Those in attendance stated Harry had his own ‘Freddie Mercury moment,’ referring to the singer’s most famous performance, Live Aid in 1985 when he had an unforgettable back-and-forth with the audience.

Fans have posted a video of the hitmaker imitating the legendary moment, with fans singing back to him, exactly as they did with Freddie during Live Aid.

Some fans feel Harry’s spectacular rise as a solo pop star has surpassed the renown of his former boyband One Direction and that he is now even more famous than they were.

‘He was experiencing his ‘Freddie Mercury at Live Aid’ moment, with the entire Wembley Stadium in his hands and singing back his work,’ a fan at the event revealed. It was clear that he was moved.’

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‘I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived long enough to witness both Freddie and Harry,’ one person commented. I don’t think Harry would ever put himself in the same category as Freddie. They both, however, have a knack of hypnotizing an audience and putting us on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what they’ll do next.’

Others argued that Harry is now greater than One Direction, with one admirer claiming: ‘In 2017, Harry Styles said he was fine with the fact that he might never achieve the degree of success that One Direction did.’

Harry Styles is compared to Freddie Mercury after 'mesmerising' gigNow, in 2022, he has the most popular song on the planet, he’s performing in front of sold-out stadiums, and he knows how pleased we are with him. It was Harry who finally got there. ‘As well as that.’

‘I’m sure he never envisioned playing sold-out stadium gigs when he auditioned for the X-Factor,’ another added. Take a look at how much Harold, the sweetheart, has progressed!!! ‘I am really pleased with him!’

Niall, who came out to support his former bandmate, was one of the crowd’s most impressed.

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While part of the event at Wembley Stadium, the Irish singer was seen bouncing and bopping along as his companion sang out 2011’s What Makes You Beautiful.

The 28-year-old was accompanied by his lovely girlfriend Amelia Woolley as he saw Harry perform in front of 80,000 spectators, a major milestone in his solo career.

The happy pair were seated next to Harry’s family, with whom they were spotted socializing.

Fans flocked to Twitter in droves with photographs and videos taken from the crowd, which showed the Slow Hands singer hanging out with Harry’s inner group.

Niall and Amelia, both 24, were spotted with Gemma Styles, Niall’s sister, and her boyfriend.

As they celebrated Harry’s achievement, Amelia, a fashion shopper, and Niall, a pop sensation, appeared as pleased as ever.

Since they started dating in early 2020, the couple has remained together.

In September 2021, they debuted on the red carpet at Niall’s Horan and Rose Gala at The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire.

Harry’s European tour continues on Wednesday with a stop at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium (June 22).

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