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50 Cent Weight Gain: Complete Info in 2022!

50 Cent is an American rapper, actor, and entrepreneur who was one of the performers announced for this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. Curtis James Jackson III is his real name.

He has created quite an impression on the hip-hop scene, earning him the title of “master of the delicate art of lyrical brevity.”

His Super Bowl performance was also highly memorable, and the internet was abuzz about him for quite some time. However, attention was drawn to him not only because of his performance but also because of his weight increase.

What’s the Deal with 50 Cent’s Weight Gain?

You probably didn’t miss the 2022 Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show, which took place on February 13 in Inglewood, California at SoFi Stadium. 50 Cent (@50cent) was one of the show’s highlights. 50 Cent put on a fantastic show for the fans in the stadium as well as the watching at home.

He didn’t disappoint when he reenacted his In Da Club music video, which was released over two decades ago. He did a complete 180. He began the section by hanging upside down, as he had done for the previous twenty years.

He triggered all kinds of 2000s nostalgia by recreating the video for the fan-favorite hit In Da Club, which shot him to popularity for his performance.

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After the initial shock and awe of 50 Cent’s Super Bowl rendition of the song had worn off, spectators turned their attention to 50 Cent’s physique. And the Queens native appeared to be a little bigger than previously.

The audience began reminiscing about how he seemed in the In Da Club video and remarked on how he did not look the same as he did over two decades ago, ridiculing him for it.

So, yes, there was a time when the rapper was praised for his sculpted physique, and yes, everyone could see from his Super Bowl appearance that that time had passed. So, time went by. That does not, however, preclude people from fat-shaming him, which is precisely what they did.

Fans did not spare him even after he gave that spectacular performance, bringing the 2000s feel to them and serving his classic upside-down trick. They practically exploded in a meme-fest mocking the hip-hop mogul’s size.

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People like 50 Cent have seen the impacts of inflation and have begun to resemble a dollar. He was even dubbed “fat bat” by some. Everyone had a chance to hit him.

However, there were several who spoke up in his defense. Some went on to point out the irony of the internet’s woke population, who are always standing up for mental health by being anti-bullying and calling out bullies, but choose to cyberbully 50 Cent for gaining weight.

Some people were taken aback by trolls who called 50 Cent overweight. He was only slightly heavier than before, but there was no way he was obese enough to merit such brutal mockery.

Not that being overweight merits being mocked, trodden, or bullied in any way. People, on the other hand, appear to believe that when it comes to prominent figures, anyone is fair game.

If the trolls’ goal was to reach the Disco Inferno hitmaker, however, they were all as insignificant as nothing because 50 Cent simply laughed it off.

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The Power star saw the memes, watched as people mocked him, and shook it off, thinking, “Yeah, no influence of those trolls on me.”

He even joined in on the joke, posting an Instagram photo of D-12 hanging upside down. He also took advantage of the attention by marketing his new G-Unit clothing line.

In addition, when it came to fat-shaming, he LOLed on Instagram and said that fat-shaming only applied when you were ashamed of your weight. People were merely taunting him, he added, because they knew he could lose weight.

Also, based on his weight history, we may deduce that the 46-year-old is choosing to stay that way, despite the fact that he could easily lose and gain weight if he so desired.

How can anyone forget the moment in 2010 when the Candy Shop rapper lost 54 pounds for his role as a cancer patient in Things Fall Apart, only to gain it back in nine weeks? In 2019, he gained 15 pounds to play drug lord Isaac Wright Jr in the TV series For Life.


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