What is Mercari App? How Does It Work Complete Info 2022!

You may have heard of someone making money by reselling stuff and wondered, “How the heck can I do that?” There are those who make money using Mercari, a buying and selling app, or who have major Poshmark side hustles. People are also launching side hustles by purchasing and reselling products on Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist, and generating a profit. So, how do you become a power seller on applications like Mercari and discover selling success? We conducted research.

What exactly is Mercari (and how does it function)?

Mercari is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. It only takes minutes to list an item, and after it sells, the seller receives a printable shipping label through email (no meetups). Listings are free, however, when a sale is completed, a flat 10% selling fee is applied. You may purchase and sell a variety of products, including apparel, toys, accessories, and collectibles. The app has been downloaded by over 45 million individuals, and over 100,000 new goods are uploaded every day.

On Mercari, how do you sell?

You’ll need to complete a few steps either online or in the app to sell on Mercari. To understand more, read the steps below or watch our video.

1. Open a Mercari account.

To use Mercari, you must first create an account. You may access your profile at any moment after signing up by clicking your profile image at the top of the site.

Your profile can be seen at the top of the Mercari app.

You may acquire a lot of information from your profile. You can see who follows you and who follows you back. A rolling amount of your earnings, coupons and a “trust and verification” meter are all included.

This shows how much personally identifiable information you’ve shared with Mercari (some of which is optional). A purple shield appears next to your name if you have given at least three forms of identification. You may also be eligible to get any money you earn more quickly if you produce a government ID. (I’ll get to that later.) On your profile page, you may also edit settings about yourself and your stuff.

In your Mercari profile, you’ll find information on selling, buying, the help center, and settings.

Back on the site, you’ll see popular offers and recent sales samples. There are also “trending” categories. They’re mostly intended to persuade you to buy something, but they can also provide information to you as a seller. The more popular a product or category is, the more likely it is to sell rapidly.

If you’re not sure how much to charge for something, you can search the platform. Free shipping is available on any item with a truck icon next to the price. On things for sale in the Mercari app, there are free shipping truck icons.

2. Make an inventory

To list an item, go to the app and tap the orange “sell” icon, or go to the homepage and tap the “Sell on Mercari” button.

The Mercari app has an orange sale button at the bottom of the page.

App Mercari

The Sell on Mercari button is located at the top of the online Mercari site.

Homepage of Mercari

Now you’ll fill out the listing information. Begin by submitting images of the item you want to sell. If the item has been used, clean it to make it more appealing to potential purchasers. When photographing the item, be sure to adjust the lighting so that potential purchasers can see it clearly.

After you’ve uploaded your photos, fill in the details for the item’s title, description, category, brand, size, and condition. Some of these fields may be auto-populated by Mercari, but you can edit them.

Mercari App

Information to include when making a Mercari listing to sell.

You can always amend the post if you discover that a field is wrong later.

After that, you’ll change the item’s shipping settings. Mercari will provide a shipping cost estimate based on the other information you’ve provided when you enter your ZIP code. Click the “Nationwide Shipping” box under the “Delivery” section to get the estimate.

The delivery section of the Mercari listing process.

Mercari provides a suggested shipping label at the top of this page. Review the label before deciding whether or not to provide free shipment.

This is a difficult decision to make. You can pass the cost on to the consumer, but to attract customers, you’ll probably have to price considerably less for the actual item. If you decide to offer free delivery, remember to account for it in your sale price.

Mercari then asks if you want a prepaid label with $200 in shipping insurance. You can still receive compensation if the item is lost or damaged in transit if you choose this option. Your sale will be reduced by the cost of postage.

Mercari offers a variety of shipping label alternatives.

The weight of the item will be entered next (don’t forget to add the packing). You’ll also have the option of entering the package’s measurements. For more information on shipping your item, see this guide.

Choose the best offer by selecting “Calculate Shipping.” Simply click “Find” if you’re not sure where the nearest shipper is. After you’ve made your choices, click “Save.”

Carrier possibilities for Mercari items.

It’s now time to decide on a price. Mercari may display a scale of what the platform considers a reasonable price for your item, depending on the item. You can also manually specify the price.

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After you’ve established the price, you can choose whether or not to use “Smart Pricing.” This option, according to Mercari, boosts the odds of a sale because the price changes based on demand, and the platform notifies potential purchasers (those who “loved” your item) when the price changes.

You can establish a floor price — the lowest amount you’ll accept — if Smart Pricing is turned on. You can turn off Smart Pricing later if you like. Select a pricing option and click “Save.”Setting a floor price for a sale item after enabling the Mercari Smart Pricing option.

There’s a breakdown of the costs and your potential revenue beneath the price you’ve set. However, keep in mind that if you have Smart Pricing enabled and Mercari decreases the price, you will earn less.

There is no charge to list an item, however, Mercari takes 10% of the selling price once it is completed. Keep that 10% in mind so you can charge enough to make your effort worthwhile. You’ll see the shipping fee and if you chose the Mercari shipping label under the selling fee. The final figure is how much money you’ll make if the item sells for the price you’ve selected. Click “List” once you’re satisfied with the figures.

A Mercari listing’s cost and fees.

3. Watch for potential buyers.

Now all you have to do is wait for buyers. You’ll be notified if someone “likes” your item, makes an offer, or writes you a message until you modify your preferences.

It’s simple to tailor notifications so you don’t see anything you don’t want to see outside the app. You have the option of receiving notifications through email or on your mobile device. You can see how many views and likes each item has received under each listing. You can also make changes to a listing before it sells. Likes and views on a floral sandal wedge listing on Mercari.

You can advertise an item by lowering the price if you’ve been waiting a long time for a buyer. You will be charged for promotion on many additional platforms. There is no fee with Mercari; all you have to do is lower the price.

You can choose whether your promotion is visible to the general public or only to persons who liked the item. In either case, “likers” will be notified and may be persuaded to purchase.Mercari offers both public and private promotion opportunities.Offers may also be sent to you. You’ll see how much money you’d make if you accepted the offer. Offers are only valid for 24 hours. You have the option to reject, counter, or accept the offer.

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4. Ship the Product

When your item sells, Mercari will label it as “sold” in the app so that customers know it’s no longer available.

Unless they fall under the Buyer Protection Guarantee, all Mercari sales are final.

Pack your item with care, and if it’s breakable, make sure it’s cushioned. The item must be shipped within three business days.

With the create shipping label button, the Mercari shipping timeline shows the seller the shipping and packing steps.

You must click “Create Shipping Label” in the app or “Print Shipping Label” in the sale confirmation email if you chose a prepaid label.

After that, just print the label, adhere it on the box, and deliver it to a shipping centre or post office. You may be charged extra postage if you under-weighed your order.

If you’re mailing the item yourself, you’ll need to give Mercari the shipping details so they can track it.

It’s time to send the item and wait for payment! You can track the package on the app, so don’t worry.

The Mercari package tracking schedule includes delivery and shipping information. The buyer gets three days after receiving the item to check that it is as advertised and to rate you as a vendor. These ratings can aid future buyers in determining your trustworthiness. If the buyer does not rate you or does not request a return within those three days, Mercari will automatically give you a five-star rating for the transaction.

5. Collect your funds

The money from the sale should appear in your account once the review process is completed or the three-day window has passed. Mercari will try to persuade you to spend your balance on the platform, but fight the urge and save! You may even establish earnings targets within the program.

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How to use the Mercari app’s goal function.

Your balance is visible in your profile. To discover additional information about your sales earnings, and deposit history, and to transfer money, click it.

At the top of your Mercari profile, you can see your sales balance.

To get your money, click “Transfer” under the balance. You have the option of transferring funds by direct deposit or quick pay.

Direct deposit requests under $10 and all instant pay requests will be assessed a $2 flat fee. Direct deposit requests above $10 will not be charged a fee, but the funds will take a few business days to appear in your account.

“Instant pay” is only accessible if your Mercari profile is linked to a confirmed government ID.

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