Shin Ikki Tousen: Release Date, Plot Details & More Updates!

In manga culture, the “Ikki Tousen” series is one of the most well-known. While the original series began around the turn of the century, it has since spawned numerous spinoffs, incluing anime versions. With an anime order for “Shin Ikki Tousen,” which means “New Battle Vixens” in English, it looks like the most recent version will be easier for many people to watch (via Anime News Network).

“Ikki Tousen” was only shown for one season in 2008, so if you’ve been wishing for more of the Battle Vixens for over a decade, you’re in luck. Here’s what we know so far about the anime “Shin Ikki Tousen.”

When will Shin Ikki Tousen be released?

Shin Ikki Tousen

The official website for the “Ikki Tousen” brand first announced the news of a new anime based on the franchise. At this moment, there’s no way of knowing whether a team has started animating the show or if it’s still in the planning stages. The statement does say that it will come out sometime in 2022, which makes it one of the most anticipated anime series of the coming year.

For anime enthusiasts, the year 2021 has been a year of transition. Many cherished series have come to an end, from “Attack on Titan” to “Fruits Basket.” The latter is especially aggravating given the first (and only) season’s cliffhanger ending, which fans will never witness. Many anime fans are looking for something new to watch to pass the time, and “Shin Ikki Tousen” could be just what they’re looking for right now. When it first airs in Japan, it will be on the AT-X channel.

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“The Plot,” by Shin Ikki Tousen,

It’s all part of the “ecchi” anime genre. These stories deal with sexually sensitive and scandalous topics, but they do not cross the line into pornography at any point. This is our opinion of “Shin Ikki Tousen.” We think that the anime will have a lot of these things and will be fun to watch.

In this manner, it appears that many of the same things will occur as previously. There will be turf battles if our main character does not keep them at bay. This is how we maintain order. Watching the spinoff with your lover is probably not a smart idea. In most of the movie, there will be fight scenes and shots of young women in revealing clothes.

What kind of characters can we expect from Shin Ikki Tousen?

Shin Ikki Tousen

Aside from a hazy release date, there’s no indication of who will be voicing the various characters. New warriors desire to join the arena to protect their school from opponents, as they have in every version of “Ikki Tousen.” “Shin Ikki Tousen” is no exception, and according to a Japanese Twitter account, the series will have a new protagonist. The following is a rough English translation of the tweet: “New Heroine” will premiere on AT-X in 2022. “Sun Quan Conflict’s success should not be overlooked.”

New allies and adversaries arrive with a new heroine. You may always acquire the first four volumes of the manga series, all of which are authored by Yuji Shiozaki, to get a sense of who will likely end up in the cast. It’s also a good time to pick up some of the older “Ikki Tousen” volumes to get caught up before the new anime comes out.

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Shin Ikki Tousen’s Highlights

Sonken and Yamada Asaemon star in the AT-X series Shin Ikki Tousen. The entire season is available for viewing. This is a nice movie to see with your family and friends. Other characters, such as those mentioned above, also appear in the film.

The cast and trailer for the film may be found below. Shin Ikki Tousen is one of the shows that many of these binge-watchers wish to see.

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