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Quanzhi Fashi Season 6: When Will It Return To Release in 2022!

quanzhi fashi season 6

The television version of the book “Full-Time Mage” was released in 2016. Many critics who saw the Chinese anime that was exhibited said that the writers hooked the audience. Every chapter comes to a thrilling conclusion that keeps the audience anxious for the next chapter. This happened previously. Everyone is now waiting for Quanzhi Fashi season 6 to premiere. The announcement has already been made for people who are fans of the genre. When will Quanzhi Fashi Season 6 be released?

Full-Time Magister (Quanzhi Fashi) Season 6

The plot will eventually resume where the previous season left off. In reality, Tencent has released a teaser visual and trailer for the series’ sixth season, which shows the main character, Mo Fan, overcoming whatever trials and hurdles he must overcome on his route to the top of the cultivation world, where danger lurks everywhere.

Full Time Magister 5th Season episode 01 –  ended on August 25, 2021, leaving many fans wanting more, and if the series’ release schedule for the previous two years is followed, the upcoming 6th season could arrive in the spring or summer of next year. After all, Full-Time Magister Season 6 is listed as part of Tencent’s 2021–2022 Chinese anime lineup.

For Full-Time Magister Season 6, Foch Film returns as the animation studio, having previously animated the whole series since its debut in 2017. Tencent Penguin Pictures and China Literature will produce the film again.

Full-Time The popular novel Quanzhi Fashi (Versatile Mage) by Luan (Chaos), which was released in 2015 by Qidian and licenced for English distribution by Webnovel, inspired the Magister Donghua translation. There are 3210 chapters in total, including 4 ongoing side tales.

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Season 6 of Quanzhi Fashi has a release date.

The sixth chapter will be devoted to a Chinese fable about a loser who is the best in his field. Season 6 of Quanzhi Fashi will premiere in the summer of 2022. Remember when the anime makers announced the project’s renewal for a sixth season in August 2021? The release of new episodes is highly anticipated by fans. Because the work is only broadcast on various Internet resources, it is impossible to become acquainted with this project on television. Millions of people throughout the world recognised the animation.

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What Is The Story About?

The anime’s main plot revolves around Mo Fan, a high school student. He is compelled to think about the day and take care of his sister because he was born into a low-income family. The man had never been a particularly good student or a role model for others, but his life changed suddenly one day. The young man went to school as usual after waking up.

He quickly discovered that magic has taken over the planet. Students learn about a variety of academic subjects as well as magical talents. Previously, Mo Fan had not had much success, but now he has the ability to control two elements at once: fire and lightning.

The rest of the population will have to make do with having only one opportunity to control it. Meanwhile, the young man rises through the ranks to become the most powerful magician. Some individuals want to remove the freshly minted sorcerer from the path, while the most powerful groups want to work with him.

Since the debut of the first part, fans of the genre have flocked to the 2016 adaptation of the Chinese manga. The anime raises important subjects, including the social ladder, self-sacrifice, and parents’ willingness to go to great lengths for their children. Some critics were dissatisfied with the project because of the central character’s constant battles with monsters, while others wished to know if Quanzhi Fashi would return for season 6. A new season of the anime has been revealed for committed fans.

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