Kiss Him Not Me Season 2: Release Date, Plot Detail & More Updates!

Are you one of the numerous fans eagerly anticipating Kiss Him Not Me Season 2, an anime with a comedy narrative and a reverse harem? The story follows a girl who is a fujoshi, an anime or manga enthusiast who enjoys romantic storylines involving guys.
This animated series has managed to capture the interest of people, whether they are manga enthusiasts or simply animation aficionados. The story portrayed in this show contains conflicts and a fun plot to follow, in addition to the superb graphics. As a result, many fans are looking forward to season 2 of Kiss Him Not Me.

When will Kiss Him, Not Me Season 2 be released?

Kiss Him, Not Me” has received no renewal notice to date. Unfortunately, the longer the series goes without being renewed, the less likely it is to be renewed, particularly with the same voice talent and art design. Junko’s manga source material has been released in 14 volumes by Kodansha in Japan (through Anime News Network) and Crunchyroll Manga in digital versions between 2013 and 2018. Since Season 1 covered around eight volumes of the manga, that indicates there’s enough for at least one more season.

The manga is successful, with 3 million copies sold and a live-action feature set to be produced in 2020. (via Japanese publication Natalie). That does not, however, ensure anything. Even if the show is renewed, fans are unlikely to see Season 2 until 2022 at the earliest. After all, it takes a long time to finish an animated show’s production. So, if you’re searching for more of this charming little cartoon, you’ll have to wait a while.

Who are the Characters in Kiss Him, Not Me Season 2?

“Kiss Him, Not Me,” tells the story of Kae Serinuma, a sweet high school junior and female otaku who is obsessed with BL (Boy Love) and the anime “Mirage Saga” and its protagonist Shion. She’s confused about how to deal with her newfound celebrity after losing weight and becoming more gorgeous as a result of not eating for a week while grieving his on-screen death.

kiss him not Season 2

The four boys who unexpectedly become a big part of her life are Yusuke Igarashi (Alejandro Saab in the well-received English dub), bad boy Shion-lookalike Nozomu Nanashima (Orion Pitts), smart and effeminate tsundere Hayato Shinomiya (Justin Briner), and laid-back and accepting Asuma Mutsumi (Justin Briner) (David Wald). Another female otaku vying for Kae’s affections is Shima Nishina (Michelle Rojas).

Kae’s mother, father, and brother Takur (Chris George), as well as her best friend Amane Nakano, play supporting roles (Whitney Rogers). Because Kae can’t pick which of these characters she likes best, the majority of them will most certainly return for Season 2. There are also a few people from the manga who has yet to appear in the anime but could play a key part in her future.

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What is the Plot of Season 2 of Kiss Him, Not Me?

The plot of “Kiss Him, Not Me” is lighthearted and pleasant, with some of the lads taking a little longer to recognize their affections for Kae than others, but everyone eventually comes to terms with her obsessive behavior. She gets to know her suitors better in the first season episodes, gains and loses weight, works part-time at an amusement park, eats hallucinogenic mushrooms, and participates in a treasure hunt, among other things. She is occasionally put in perilous situations.

Kiss Him Not Season 2

In the Season 1 conclusion, all of her crushes follow Asuma’s lead and profess their feelings for her, prompting her to go on dates with them all. After all the quality time she spends with them, she is undecided, and it appears that they may have a new competition for her heart when it is announced that Shion will return for another season in her favorite anime.

If the anime follows the manga, the events in Season 2 promise to be a little more terrifying. According to a blog updated by fans, Takeru Mitsuboshi, Kae’s childhood pal who also happens to play one of her favorite anime characters as a voice actor, turns out to be a fairly dangerous stalker.

And, sure, Kae does select between her numerous suitors in the end — which, considering the manga’s length, may very well happen at the end of Season 2. You’ll have to wait and see to find out who it is. If a second season is never made, read the manga (or if you get impatient).

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First Impressions of Kiss Him Not Me Season 2?

You may have second thoughts at first, but the anime’s humor is spot on. The animation and graphic style aren’t perfect, but they blend in nicely enough to mask the imperfections. Overall, the company and team did an excellent job, and the film stays true to the essence of the rom-com genre. Since January 2020, the manga has sold over 3 million copies in Japan.

It was also adapted as a live-action film, which received positive reviews and was released in Japanese theatres on July 10th, 2020. It earned more than 51 million yen.

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