10 Anime Characters Death that Made the Fans So Sad!

Even anime characters can’t avoid death. Fans have seen their favorite characters die in their individual shows, but occasionally the death is unexpected and unforeseeable, and it occurs in ways that no one could have predicted.

Sudden deaths provide the series with the necessary intensity, drama, emotion, and suspense. Even though viewers were surprised and heartbroken, it adds to the series’ curiosity. When people die unexpectedly, there’s a good possibility they may have been prevented.

1 Naruto’s Asuma.

Naruto's Asuma.

When the situation calls for it, Naruto’s Asuma can quickly finish off his foes with his swords. He’s also the third child of the Hokage. When the Akatsuki member Hidan, the everlasting person with the sickle, tricked Asuma into entering his sacrificial circle, a special Jutsu that connects his godlike body with any other individual’s for as long as he’s consumed their blood and is inside the circle, Asuma was slaughtered.

2 Akame ga Kill’s Leone

This drama is full of sorrowful scenes, and each character has their own heartbroken death. Whether it was the kind-hearted Sheele who turned into dog food, the brave Tatsumi, or the big brother Bulat, I was most affected by the death of the character Leone.

Akame ga Kill's Leone

Similarly, the majority of the characters died on the battlefield protecting their friends and family, but Leone was the woman for the people; she already knew she was going to die, so she walked down to visit their people before dying alone.

3 From Ao no Exorcist, Shirou Fujimoto

From Ao no Exorcist, Shirou Fujimoto

Because there was a lot of blame and a mix of melancholy, this one hit hard. As Satan seized Shirou, he looks down at the hand that he used to beat Rin and accuses himself of opening the Gehenna Gate and kidnapping Rin. Shirou was an especially good father, thus having a fight with Rin in the final minutes of his life was exceptionally painful.

4 Devilman Crybaby member Akira Fudou

Ryo speaks with Akira, recalling all of their past, including how he never had compassion for anyone and how Akira raced to mourn a catastrophe. Except for Satan/Ryo, Akira’s death signaled the end of the series itself.

Devilman Crybaby member Akira Fudou

Akira’s spirit is projected down to hell as a result of his death due to Satan, and he has spent most of his time exploring Hell and the new world that has replaced it on his own. He starts crying as he holds Akira’s casket. It was a really lovely, yet tragic, conclusion.

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5 From Hunter x Hunter comes Meruem.

The main character’s death was really painful. Meruem finally realized that he needed to leave this planet in order to be Meruem and not just the King. He spends his final moments with Komugi, the young woman who taught him everything he knows.

From Hunter x Hunter comes Meruem.

He dies after being poisoned following his struggle with Netero. He also approaches Komugi for something to call him by his name and acknowledge him as a normal person as he draws his final breath.

6 Noragami’s Ebisu

Noragami's Ebisu

Ebisu’s character has trouble focusing on the present moment. To assassinate Ebisu, the Heavens decided to use the Pacification Ring, a sort of discipline used to destroy Heaven’s enemies. Initially, though, the death of a troublemaker caught me off guard. Ebisu, on the other hand, does not want to die and be reincarnated for the first time. He had to be the person he was right now. It was all because of Yato, too.

7 Psycho-Pass member Tomomi Masaoka

Psycho-Pass member Tomomi Masaoka

The show’s portrayal of Tomomi’s relationship with his child Ginoza was extremely pure. At first, Ginoza was uninterested in Tomomi. He just referred to him like a dormant lawbreaker who should be avoided. However, through time, he gradually gains a better understanding of his father. Unfortunately, Ginoza had reached the point of no return by the time he fully comprehended his father. He puts his life on the line in order to save his child.

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8 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s character Kamina

The man whose soul was larger than the entire crowd. Kamina was a hero in every sense of the word. He entrusted all of his belongings to Simon at the hour of his death and fought with him to ensure Simon’s victory. He died at first but subsequently came back.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's character Kamina

He’s the warm-hearted guy who didn’t seem to be afraid of anything and exuded so much wonderful energy that everyone gravitated towards him. Whatever the case may be, he accomplished something: Simon was now ready to have faith in himself, not because Kamina believed in him, but because he believed in himself.

9 Death Note’s letter L

L collapses

In numerous aspects, L’s death was twisted. His time was running out. L died peacefully while eating a chocolate bar, surrounded by an image of Watari. L collapses out of his seat, never to take another breath again, after finally beginning to close the partitions around Light. It had finally been accomplished by the light. He wasn’t so much smarter than L as perverted. So, He had Rem under his control through Misa, who carried out the plan.

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10 From One Piece: Portgas D.

Portgas D.

When One Peace makes you pitiful, it makes you scream out loud and depressed. On a number of levels, the fight for Ace’s recovery was incredible.

From his tender moments with White Beard to his reunion with Luffy, he has a lot to offer.

Regardless, Ace eventually gives up his life. Admiral Akainu strikes Ace in the back with a magma fist, sending him flying into Luffy’s arms. Moreover, he used a magma arm to secure the child he adored as a sibling.

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