Tower of God Season 2: Expected Release Date & More Updates!

The second season of Tokyo MX’s Tower of God has ended, and the show’s release date has been set for the end of June. Here’s what to expect from Season 2 of Tower of God, as well as when it’ll be available on GTV or GYT.

In case you haven’t seen it, Tower of God is about a youngster who has spent most of his life locked beneath a massive and enigmatic Tower, with only his close friend Rachel for companionship.

Season 1 lasted 16 episodes and was broadcast on The Tokyo MX from October to March 2014. In July 2024, it was finally posted on Netflix and is now available to view. The dark fiction TV anime ‘Pinnacle of God’ is based on SIU’s South Korean online manga series.

Tower of God Season 2

A story of a man who has spent his whole existence on Earth in a dark tunnel, peering up at a tiny crack in the ceiling through which just a sliver of light can pass. Rachel, a young girl, comes through the hole one day, bringing with her the most up-to-date news from throughout the world.

“Everything you’ve been waiting for has arrived.” It’s a strong guarantee coming from a free webcomic. The alluring remarks showing “Pinnacle of God” on its legitimate Web Toon page, on the other hand, do not eschew confidence. In the strange cosmos built by Korean designer S.I.U., there are various riddles to answer.

Season 1 of Tower of God

Our hero is Bam, a young boy who goes out determined to scale a massive cliff in order to see his friend Rachel, who has gone beneath its perplexing heights.

It’s no wonder, then, that Crunchyroll re-released the initial comic as one of its own Crunchyroll Originals in 2020, and that it became incredibly popular as a result.

As they hang around, their bond evolves. Rachel, on the other hand, finally departs, stating that she must scale a secret peak in order to safely return home.

Tower of God Season 2

Any person’s fantasy can come true if he or she is fortunate enough to reach the top. Bam follows her to the summit, where she seeks assistance from an unexpected source.

Despite its success as a manga and an anime, there hasn’t been any new information on the anime’s continuation since Season 1 ended. Crunchyroll only ever allowed for a single, 13-episode season of the show. Fans are still seeking more now, ostensibly without success.

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In any event, it’s tough to believe that such a well-known anime could be abandoned so quickly, especially with more than ten years of source material to alter. As a result, fans have faith in the series. Will there be a Season 2 of “Pinnacle of God” at some point?

Release Date Tower Of God Season 2

The premiere date for Pinnacle of God Season 2 has yet to be announced by the organization. Regardless, the studio hasn’t confirmed if the show will be renewed for a second season. Crunchyroll is currently unable to comment on the first season of “Pinnacle of God,” which ended in August 2020.

The situation, on the other hand, is not at all disturbing. Despite the fact that Crunchyroll hasn’t dropped the show, this isn’t the only anime that requires a long break between seasons. There’s a good chance the “Pinnacle of God” may return at some point.

Tower of God Season 2

On the off chance that Crunchyroll continues to work on it, a new season could be released as early as the end of 2022. It’s all supposition at this point.

Fans will not be able to get their hands on the show until Crunchyroll announces a delivery date. Fans can read the first comic to catch up on what’s going on, assuming this won’t happen.

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Tower of God Season 2 Cast:

Tower of God Season 2 includes a fantastic group of characters. The expected cast for Season 2 of Tower of God can be seen below.

  • Matthew David Rudd stars as Rak Wraithraiser
  • Johnny Yong Bosch stars as Bam
  • Chris Hackney stars as Khun Aguero Agnes
  • Cherami Leigh stars as Anaak Jahad
  • Valerie Rose Lohman stars as Rachel
  • Trent Mills stars as Lero Ro
  • Scott Whyte stars as Shibisu
  • Hochu Otsuka stars as Headon
  • Kazuyuki Okitsu stars as Evan Edroch
  • Takuya Eguchi stars as Shibisu
  • Toshinari Fukamachi stars as Hatz
  • Jeannie Tirado stars as Endorsi Jahad
  • Christina Valenzuela stars as Serena

The Plotline of the Series Tower Of God Season 2

Tower of God Season 2

In the season one conclusion, Rachel discovers that the pinnacle never drew her in. Bam’s ease with which he overcomes obstacles is something she admires. Headon informs her that if she overcomes Bam, she would be allowed to ascend. As an awesome weapon, she is given a guardian, which allows her to live two lives at once.

She then abandons him in Shinshu Lake, causing him to drown. Despite this, he lives and realizes that he needs to reach the peak in order to figure out what’s wrong with him and why.

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Changes to Section 2 of the manhwa series are expected in Season 2. There will be a time change in the performance. Yuri’s sister, Repellista, is on her mind for a visit. Because one of Wangnan Ja’s pals put him on fire, his first test may be challenging.

Tower of God Season 2 Trailer:

The authority trailer for Season 2 of the series Tower of God is yet to be released. In any event, we expect it to be given shortly after the second period of the series Tower of God is declared.

Take a look at the release dates for the first season of the series Tower of God below.

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