Solo Leveling Anime Release Date: Is It Officially Confirmed?

Chugong’s webbook Solo Leveling is set in South Korea. On July 25, 2016, it initially appeared. Since its debut on Kakaopage, the novel has become a popular web novel. D&C Media’s papyrus imprint later released it. What is the release date for Solo Leveling Anime? Who will be the anime’s next home? Let us have a conversation.

Yen Press has the right to the English edition. Due to its origins in South Korea and diverse backgrounds, Solo Leveling is unlike manga. Despite this, it has amassed a sizable global fan base. It has 13 volumes and a few side tales under its belt, and it is still going strong and gaining popularity.

Piccola, KakaoJapan’s digital storytelling portal, also published Solo Leveling. It had a huge following, with over 1 million regular readers. Piccola named the webbook the year’s best webtoon.

In the year 2020, Tappytoon released it in English. As if that weren’t enough, it’s also being licensed in English for North America by the renowned Yen Press, owing to its enormous popularity.

As a result of the series’ popularity, it’s no surprise that fans are demanding an anime adaptation. However, what exactly is solo leveling?

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

In the metropolis of Seoul, South Korea, solo leveling begins. Monsters are rampant on the fictitious planet. Monsters have been spawning on Earth and terrorizing people since a doorway connecting Earth and a separate realm opened.

Many people began to obtain powers about the same period. These strange talents provided them with the power to defeat these creatures for the greater good and safeguard humanity. Hunters was the name given to these individuals, and a Hunters Association was founded to bring them together.

The Heros from One Punch Man is a good example of this. In Solo Leveling, the Hunters have a rank system.

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Sung Jinwoo, the series’ protagonist, is the absolute worst hunter in the world. He’s known as the world’s weakest hunter. For the main character, it’s a harsh moniker.

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

He has a sick mother in the hospital, and he needs to be a hunter in order to support her and pay his bills. He’d prefer to keep his life safe, but he has little choice because of the scenario.

Sung Jinwoo is barely skilled enough to be a Hunter, except for some regenerative talents and his above-average speed.

In the association, he holds the position of E-rank Hunter. As a result, he’s at the very bottom of the food chain.

Things for him, however, quickly alter. A rare double dungeon is discovered by him. Dungeons are locations outside of the monster-spawning portals.

The vast majority of Hunters that enter the dungeon die. Sung Jinwoo appears to perish in a battle with enormous monstrous entities for a brief minute. In a hospital bed later, his eyes open.

Sung discovers that he is no longer himself. He’s developed new skills. Only he has access to the statistics report and task board.

The board gives him objectives ranging from gym regimens to monster slaying. The power to level up is Sung’s new ability.

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

The web novel’s name comes from the fact that completing quests increased his strength levels. Sung Jinwoo’s progression from an E to an S class hunter is fascinating to watch.

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Solo Leveling Anime Release date

We can expect Solo Leveling Anime to be released in Summer 2022 if the anime is revealed before fall 2021.

Mappa Studio is expected to make a Solo Leveling anime, as they had already produced Attack On Titan and other anime with incredible animation, which would be ideal for Solo Leveling.

Calls for Anime Adaptation

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

It’s worth noting that in Chugong’s web novels, Japan is frequently depicted in an unfavorable manner. As a result, some fans believe that releasing a classic anime can be challenging. This isn’t to say it won’t happen in the future.

At this time, there have been no anime announcements. However, over 100,000 people have signed a petition on Fans are clamouring for an anime adaptation of Solo Leveling. Netflix is, in our opinion, our greatest bet for an anime adaptation.

The streaming behemoth has revealed that 40 new anime will be released this year alone. So it wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to work on Solo Leveling adaption as well.


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