Twisted Wonderland Anime Release Date: Everything You Need to Know

Everyone these days seems to be hopping on the anime bandwagon. Indeed, the increasing accessibility of animated art, along with Hollywood’s aim to expand into the Asian Pacific market, has led to more anime productions being greenlit by Netflix and other streaming services.

Disney has joined this group, with “Star Wars: Visions,” a 2D film that explores George Lucas’ fictitious world in exquisite, stylized detail.

Now, according to Deadline, the media behemoth has revealed that it will produce another anime series based on the world of “Twisted Wonderland,” a mobile video game that will be released in 2020.

Twisted Wonderland Anime Release Date

Aniplex collaborated with Walt Disney Japan to create the original “Twisted Wonderland” via Anime News Network.

In February 2021, Disney began publishing a manga called “Twisted Wonderland,” which features a plot that can be adapted for television.

Disney+ Japan hasn’t revealed much about the game yet but has promised on Twitter that additional information would be available later.

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Twisted Wonderland is based on a popular game that hasn’t come out in the U.S.

Twisted Wonderland Anime Release Date

“Twisted Wonderland” brings back some of Disney’s great movie villains, similar to the “Descendants” series and “Kingdom Hearts” video games.

Disney, on the other hand, has given its anti-heroes a Japanese-inspired look this time. Scar from “The Lion King,” the Red Queen from “Alice in Wonderland,” and Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty” all appear as ikemen pretty anime boys at Night Ravens College, which is modeled like Hogwarts.

The school has seven dormitories with designs inspired by Disney films such as “Hercules,” “Aladdin,” and the others mentioned.

Despite becoming the third-most tweeted-about game online in 2020 through Games Industry, “Twisted Wonderland” is defined as a mobile rhythm adventure game that is currently unavailable in the United States by

Twisted Wonderland Anime Release Date

Players assume the position of a mysterious newbie charged with discovering why they’ve arrived at the school, as well as investigating the secrets of their enigmatic background and figuring out why they’re the only ones without magical abilities – all while being assisted by villains with their own agendas.

The game is organized into chapters, and the conflicts are timed.

Given the game’s popularity, it’s just a matter of time before it’s released in English, something fans of the franchise are eagerly anticipating they’ve even created a petition to hasten the process.


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