Try Not to Laugh Challenge on Tiktok: Explain

Try Not To Laugh challenges are an old concept that has recently resurfaced. Of course, the idea of trying not to laugh is that the harder you try, the more likely you are to laugh despite your best efforts — which makes this a terrific family dinner pastime! A try not to laugh challenge is a quick and easy technique to relieve tension on particularly hectic or stressful nights.

There are a few different ways you could play:

  1. Try Not to Laugh is a classic comedy.

Two participants compete against each other in this variation of the game. One of them is the “jester,” and he or she must use silly looks, noises, and gestures to make the other laugh. No matter what the “jester” does, the “straight man” must resist the urge to smile or chuckle.

try not to laugh challenge

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2. Variation in Groups

You could play the traditional game, but have everyone strive to make one person laugh!

3. Version with only jokes

Family members take turns telling jokes or reading from a joke book in the jokes-only version, and one person or the entire family must refrain from laughing or smiling.

4. Version with Technology at the Table

Allowing the usage of devices at the table to broadcast humorous videos and memes for your challenge is an option if you’re up to it. There are also “Try Not to Laugh” compilations available online; simply look for “clean” or “kid-friendly” compilations and preview them if you’re worried about the content.

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It’s a good idea to set a time restriction for your challenges. The challenge is ended if you can’t make another person laugh in 1-2 minutes. It’s time for someone else to attempt!

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