On Tik Tok, What Is the Bugs Bunny Challenge?

On TikTok, a seemingly harmless craze is gaining traction, but the “Bugs Bunny” challenge is a little racier than it appears at first glance.

The Bugs Bunny challenge peaked in popularity in March of 2021, yet videos participating in the challenge continue to gain views and likes despite their age. The Bugs Bunny challenge is actually a hunger trap masquerading as a simple, chaste challenge.

What is the Bugs Bunny challenge?

tiktok bugs bunny challenge

The Bugs Bunny challenge is straightforward to complete. It merely needs participants — the vast majority of whom are female — to record themselves lying down on their stomachs with their camera pointed in the direction of a mirror. They then position their feet above their heads, the bottoms of their feet pointing forward. This provides the impression of rabbit ears, especially when worn with white socks.

The clips in the challenge are all set to a DJ TikTokker remixed Russian tune. According to Editorials24, the original song, “уи by имати feat. оp рид,” was published in 2018 by Timati ft. Egor Kreed. Non-speakers may struggle to comprehend the lyrics, which are — predictably — in Russian, but two words jump out as they repeat throughout the video: Bugs Bunny. With each repetition of “bugs bunny,” users generally liven up their movies by wiggling their feet like ears and twitching them around.

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The true reason for the trend’s popularity is shown near the end of the film when participants forsake their attempts at rabbit impersonation in favor of raising their backsides above their heads. The end result is a sensual, smooth reverse arching of the back that reveals both cheeks before reverting to its original position.

Of course, there are a few variations on the Bugs Bunny challenge, but the majority of them are thirst traps. Some people used the opportunity to spoof the trend or upload a more innocent version, but the majority used it to display their behind in exchange for more likes.

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