Tik Tok Pushup Challenges: 8 Viral Challenges You Can Try Now

A TikTok challenge where exercise partners had to perform pushups and leap over each other to a remix of Maggie Lindemann’s song Pretty Girl was making the rounds when TikTok first appeared, but certainly as it grew in popularity.

It began as a plank challenge when the fitness industry took TikTok’s popular dance challenges and turned them into their own.

Tik Tok Pushup Challenges

Thousands of fitness users now devote their accounts to exercise material, while others make it their goal to develop fresh and interesting challenges in the hopes that they would be adopted by the public.

We’ve selected a few of our favorites for you to try right now.

Plank challenge

This is the original pushup challenge, but it’s a choreographer-specific routine, so make sure you have a fit partner!

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Age pushups challenge

@elispiritking, who is 23, asked his followers to perform a variety of pushups while listening to The Seige’s song I Am Defiant, which adds up to their age.

Tik Tok Pushup Challenges

The following is his personal challenge:

5 x Push-ups (Original)

5 reps of military pushups

Push-ups in the shape of a diamond

7 × Army pushups with hand release

Friday strength session challenge

Push-ups (standard): 25

Push-ups in the military-style (25 reps)

ten to fifteen broad push-ups

15 pushups with clapping

15 x Standard Elevated

15 x Planche Modifiée

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Timed challenge

Tik Tok Pushup Challenges

In less than 40 seconds, do 50 pushups, each one different.

Push-ups (standard): 10 reps

ten push-ups in the military-style

Push-ups in the shape of a diamond, ten times

Push-ups with a broad range of motion (10 x wide push-ups)

ten times one-handed

Pushup to plank

Tik Tok Pushup Challenges

This exercise, set to Reggie COUZ’s Holy Tony Workout, focuses on going lower into a pushup with the rhythm, stopping for a plank, and then working your way back up.

Electricity game

Pushing up is part of a game in which a ball must navigate through a labyrinth without touching the boundaries.

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Pushup duet

Tik Tok Pushup Challenges

A challenge you may undertake with other Tiktokers in which you try to imitate the other user’s pushups to the rhythm of the music.

Hardstyle pushup

This fast-paced exercise includes pushup variants, mountain climbers, and a lot of leg activity while following a Hairstyle track.

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