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Snapchat Only One Filter Showing? Update Causing Problems With Lenses. Is There A Fix?

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Snapchat has released a fresh remedy for the filter issue that caused all but one of the app’s filters to vanish. To fix it, go to the app store on your smartphone and download the update.

Snapchat announced a new update on Monday that included a lot of much-anticipated upgrades, but it also had significant issues, including the removal of all Snapchat filters except one.

Does Snapchat Only Allow One Filter Per Day Now?

While some have spread the myth that Snapchat’s new upgrade will limit users to only one filter each day, this is not the case. If you go to Snapchat’s official support account on Twitter, you’ll notice an announcement explaining what’s going on with the Snapchat filters and lenses. According to the post, the issue with only one filter being accessible is just a bug that appeared with the new update, and the Snapchat team is working hard to find a solution.

If you’ve heard that Snapchat only offers one filter currently, you’re mistaken. We’re confident that once the issue has been resolved, Snapchat will release another update to address the issue. We’ll be sure to update this post if a remedy is available. If you haven’t updated Snapchat with the October update yet, we recommend waiting until a patch for the filter issue is released.

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What’s New in the October 10 Snapchat Update?

The October Snapchat update includes a couple of adjustments that users have been demanding for quite some time.

Snapchat Story Auto-Play Has Been Revamped – A few updates ago, Snapchat introduced a story auto-play function that essentially played your friends’ stories in order unless you swiped out of them. This function was extremely inconvenient because there was no option to choose which story you viewed first, and because of the auto-play feature, you ended up viewing a bunch of stories you didn’t want to see.

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Snapchatters now have more choice over which stories they watch and in what sequence they see them thanks to the new update. When you tap on a friend’s story, only that friend’s story will play. You can still watch numerous stories back-to-back, but you can now choose which stories you want to watch and in what sequence you want to watch them. Here’s how you choose and arrange stories for auto-play:

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