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English Musician Roger Taylor Net Worth 2022: Income, Early Life, Career & More Updates!

Roger Taylor has a net worth of $200 million and is an English musician, singer, and composer. Roger has had tremendous success as a lyricist, despite being best known as the drummer for the band Queen. With Queen, his songwriting career took off, as he composed at least one song for each of their albums and occasionally provided vocals on them. Following the death of Freddie Mercury and Queen’s subsequent downfall, Taylor pursued a variety of other songwriting chances.

Roger has three UK number-one hits to his credit, including “These Are the Days of Our Lives,” “Innuendo,” and “Under Pressure.” “Radio Ga Ga,” “A Kind of Magic,” “Heaven for Everyone,” “Breakthru,” and “The Invisible Man” are among his other notable songs. Taylor has worked with musicians such as Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Robert Plant, Phil Collins, Elton John, Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, and many others during his career.

Roger Taylor Net Worth

Roger is also a well-known producer, having worked with artists such as Jimmy Nail and Magnum on albums. Taylor’s falsetto range has earned him praise as a vocalist. Roger is a skilled keyboardist, guitarist, and bassist in addition to playing the drums. During the 1980s, he also created his own band, the Cross. Taylor has appeared on a number of television shows, including “Pop Quiz,” in addition to music.

Early Life:

Roger Meddows is an author who lives in the United Kingdom. Taylor was born in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England, on July 26, 1949. His mother got the opportunity to meet Princess Elizabeth (the future queen) while the monarch was touring the facility when he was born in a new maternity ward. Roger, along with his younger sister, grew up in King’s Lynn before migrating to Cornwall. Taylor created his first band with a few mates when he was seven years old. Roger was a ukulele player. He had joined a semi-professional rock band at the age of 15.

Roger Taylor Net Worth

Taylor began his career as a guitarist, but after realizing that he was more suited to drumming, he changed his concentration. At a young age, he taught himself how to tune his drums and was influenced by drummers such as Keith Moon and Mitch Mitchell. Taylor began his career as a dentist at the London Hospital Medical College, but he rapidly got disillusioned with the industry and switched to biology. He then earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from East London Polytechnic.

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Roger Taylor Net Worth

Roger Taylor began his musical career in 1968 with the band Smile, which included future Queen lead guitarist Brian May. After releasing nine songs, this trio stayed together for about two years. When they were both working at Kensington Market in 1969, Taylor met Freddie Mercury for the first time. Freddie was a major fan of Smile at the time, and he was able to persuade May and Taylor to form a new band called Queen. The band was completed by the addition of bassist John Deacon.

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Purchasing Real Estate

In 2020, it was announced that Taylor’s former home, a 70-acre English rural estate, had been marketed for $6.1 million. This is the same residence where Roger wrote hits like “Under Pressure.” It’s known as Milhangar House. A recording studio made out of a 450-year-old water mill is part of the residence. The house was erected in 1907 and is located in the Surrey village of Thursley, which is not far from London.

Roger Taylor Net Worth

A tennis court, stables, a six-car garage, a heated swimming pool, and a hot tub are among the other amenities. Taylor bought the property in 1979 and resided there until 2003. The property has changed hands several times since then, and it was once listed for as much as $9.85 million. The decreased price in 2020 shows the home’s urgent need for renovations.

The house has seven bedrooms and 17,755 square feet of living area. There’s also a “Bob Geldoff Suite” with Asian influences. The big glass conservatory is another noteworthy feature. The recording studio, which is considered the home’s major feature, looks out over a large pond.

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