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While Facing Health Issues, Phil Collins’ 2022 Net Worth Is Unbelievable

Is Phil Collins already a billionaire with his present net worth?

Genesis and Collins’ fans have been concerned about the drummer’s health in recent months. His health issue currently keeps him away from his drum set, especially because his hands can hardly grasp the drum sticks, he confirmed.

Despite this, he no longer has anything to prove because he has allowed his accomplishments and awards to speak for themselves.

In fact, Collins is the only member of Genesis to have achieved the achievement that only Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney have accomplished so far.

That fact alone should give his followers a good idea of how large his net worth has already grown.

phil collins net worth

Is Phil Collins a Billionaire?

Collins earned enough money over the course of his career in many businesses to make him one of the highest-paid artists in the world.

phil collins net worth

Phil Collins‘ net worth has risen to $300 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, despite the fact that he has yet to earn billionaire status. His astronomical revenues stemmed from his soloist’s salary and pay. For what it’s worth, he’s one of just three musicians in history (together with Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney ) to have sold more than 100 million records as a solo artist and as part of a group.

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It’s unclear how much money he made from album sales, but it’s simply one source of revenue for him.

He has also conducted record-breaking concerts in the past, generating millions of dollars.

phil collins net worth

Early Life

On January 30, 1951, in Chiswick, Middlesex, England, Philip David Charles Collins was born (what is now part of the London Borough of Hounslow). Greville Philip Austin Collins and Winifred June Collins (née Strange) were his parents, and they reared him and his two brothers. Collins received a toy drum kit when he was 5 years old. His parents would replace it with more full sets as he grew, trained, and improved. The Beatles, particularly Ringo Starr, have had a significant influence on him.

phil collins net worth

Early Music Career

Collins began his professional music career as a drummer for Genesis, a band that had already recorded two albums, in 1970. He also worked as a chaplain in Genesis.

Why Did Phil Collins Retire?

Despite his successful career, rumors about his retirement began to circulate in 2011 when he claimed that he would be taking time off due to health issues.

While Collins’ agents initially stated that the drummer had no plans to retire, they later changed their minds and stated that Collins will step down to focus on his family.

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Fans were still able to celebrate triumph when he came out of retirement in 2015.

phil collins net worth

Is Phil Collins Deaf?

Collins has struggled with health concerns in recent years, including a spinal ailment that has limited his ability to play the drums. In September, he told BBC Breakfast that his vertebrae were crushing his spinal cord because of the position he takes every time he drums.

While it undoubtedly had an impact on his entire career, it was not the first time he had to deal with a grave health issue.

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He went deaf in one ear suddenly in 2000 owing to a viral illness. He was able to regain control of his hearing, but his self-esteem did not recover as quickly as it had before.

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