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Peach Girl Anime Season 2: Expected Release Date & Updates!

For some, ‘Peach Girl’ may come across as an unrealistically dramatic anime that goes a little too far with all of its Shoujo elements, while for others, it may be the best thing to happen to the romance genre in a long time. ‘Peach Girl’ is easily among the greatest out there for anyone who is even remotely interested in romantic novels set solely in high schools. ‘Peach Girl,’ produced by the lesser-known Studio Comet, does an excellent job portraying the tribulations of its main protagonist. It demonstrates how high school rumours can arise out of nowhere, and in this case, they are the result of a young girl’s beauty. It’s the kind of show that comes nowhere near to being a masterpiece, but it’s worth a shot because of how relatable it can be to the majority of people.

Peach Girl Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Peach Girl Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of Peach Girl premiered on January 8, 2005, and finished on June 25, 2005, with a total of 25 episodes. ‘Peach Girl’ is an average rated anime that became rather popular when it was initially broadcast, thanks to its fairly conventional premise and usual shoujo characters. Its source material manga is still regarded as one of the greatest shoujo mangas of all time, and a live-action adaptation was just released. Despite its popularity, the anime was never followed.

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A sequel appears unlikely since it has been nearly a decade since it was first released. Furthermore, the first season of the anime very much covers the whole arc of the manga, leaving the Studio with nothing to work with due to a lack of source material. ‘Peach Girl’ may follow in the footsteps of ‘Fruits Basket,’ and have a better remake from a different company in the future. However, a second season of ‘Peach Girl’ is not currently in the works. If you liked ‘Peach Girl,’ you should check out our list of additional Shoujo anime that are similar.

Peach Girl English Dub:

On Funimation, you can watch the English dub of ‘Peach Girl.’

Peach Girl Plot:

Peach Girl Season 2 Release Date

In a nutshell, ‘Peach Girl’ is about a high school love triangle (or more like a square).

Because of her tanned complexion, Momo Adachi, the protagonist, is dubbed the slut of her high school. But only she is aware that her tan is a result of her participation in the swim team at school. Later, she develops feelings for a man named Toji, but Toji isn’t very fond of tanned women, to her disappointment. To make matters worse, Momo’s own friend, Sae, turns on her and tries to persuade Toji that Momo is precisely who she appears to be based on her appearance. Momo develops low self-esteem as a result of all of this, and she begins to dislike her own appearance, but she has no idea that a boy named Kairi is genuinely interested in her.

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Peach Girl Characters:

Momo Adachi

Peach Girl Season 2 Release Date

Momo Adachi is the main character of the storey, and her browned skin is her most distinguishing feature. Momo’s complexion has darkened significantly and her hair colour has lightened after spending hours upon hours practising in her school’s excessively chlorinated pools. Her classmates refer to her as the “beach bunny,” assuming she is sexually promiscuous. But, contrary to her school’s perception of her, she is a shy, timid girl who does not hold herself in high regard. She’s been in love with Toji for a long time, but when she discovers he’s not interested in her, she decides to move on. She later learns that Kairi has a crush on her and begins to fall for him.

To win Toji’s attention, she avoids the school swimming pools and even uses beauty creams to make her skin appear fairer. But it turns out that Toji never really said he didn’t like tanned girls, and that it was merely a storey fabricated by her own buddy in order to get Toji all to herself. When Momo realises Toji could be interested in her, she becomes confused between him and Kairi, which leads to a slew of fights between the two males. However, she quickly settles on Kairi and begins dating him.

Sae Kashiwagi

Peach Girl Season 2 Release Date

Sae Kashiwagi is the series’ main antagonist, posing as Momo’s friend while spreading false tales about her behind her back. She, like Momo, has a crush on Toji, and she makes sure Momo doesn’t even try to approach him. She has short brown hair and a sweet-looking face, which contrasts with her deceitful demeanour. She also starts telling everyone that she is dating Toji later in the series, and Momo is only attempting to steal him away from her. She will stop at nothing and will do everything she can to ruin Momo’s life. When she falls in love with Ryo and he gets her pregnant, she begins to repent for everything she has done in the past and feels bad for everything she has done to Momo.

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Kairi Okayasu

Kairi Okayasu has the reputation of being the school’s playboy, but he isn’t particularly proud of it. He is one of the few people who can see through Sae’s innocent looks and immediately deduce that she has hidden goals. He still believes Momo administered CPR to him as he was drowning. He eventually learns that it wasn’t Momo who saved his life, but rather a male lifeguard. Sae starts spreading false information about him and Momo, alleging that the two of them kissed. When Momo becomes unhappy about this, he attempts to console her by kissing her. Later on, he develops feelings for Momo and even battles Toji for her.

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