How To Add Music To Snapchat Snaps Stories Android and iPhone

Are you looking for How To Add Music To Snapchat Snaps Stories Android and iPhone / how to access Snapchat’s music filter / how to add music to the Snapchat stories? So, thank you so much! Snapchat recently added a wonderful new feature for Snapchat users: you can now add music to your Snapchat snaps photographs and videos.

Many users are still unable to utilize this filter or are unaware of how to access it or add music to Snapchat. By reading this post, you will learn how to simply add music to your Snapchat snaps photographs, or videos!

music snapchat filter

This music-adding tool is a long-awaited feature for Snapchat users, and if you use it on a daily basis, you may be thinking about this feature, which is also available on Instagram stories. According to some users, this music filter can only browse a few songs and be used right now.

However, some iOS users have reported that you can also add music songs from your music library from your mobile device; however, this function is still in development and developers are working on it.

How To Add Music To Snapchat Snaps Stories Android and iPhone?

Adding music to Snapchat is a simple process that you can do by following the instructions here.

  • Update your Snapchat App First (beta version/ latest version)
  • Then tap on the camera icon
  • Record video or take a snap
  • then you can see a music symbol below the camera flash symbol (on the top right side)
  • then tap on music to add music from your mobile device

The music filter on Snapchat is seen in the screenshot below; simply tap on it to add any music to Snapchat!

music snapchat filter

The alternate method you can try to use Snapchat filters with music

To utilize music on Snapchat, go to the filters search section and put “music” or “song” in the search field, or try searching for your favorite music (not all songs may be available), and you’ll find a list of music filters. Select any of them with ease!

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Why is Music Symbol/filter Not showing on the Snapchat app?

If this music icon or filter does not show on your Android or iOS device, don’t panic; it is still in testing mode, and this feature is only available for a limited number of Snapchat accounts and mobile devices. Users with IOS iPhone devices are more likely to be able to use this music feature right now, while users with Android smartphones will be able to do so shortly.

How To Search Music On Snapchat app IOS/android?

music snapchat filter

Many Snapchat users who have the music symbol want to know how to search for music on the app, but there is currently no way to do so; we may have to wait for the next update to arrive. Try upgrading or rechecking the app store or play store frequently; perhaps the next update will add this music capability!

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