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Check out The Latest Information About Kurt Sowers’s Net Worth, Age, Bio, and Career

Kurt Sowers is an American businessman and television personality best known for co-starring in the FOX show “Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer.” He works for a development organization as the CEO. Kurt Sowers’ net worth is projected to be around $1 million as of 2022.

Early Life

Full Name Kurt Francis Sowers
Birth Date / Age September 14, 1989 / 32 Years Old
Birth Place Charlotte, North Carolina
Source of Wealth Construction / Television
Relationship Status Single
Height 6 ft. 0 in. / 182.9
Net Worth $1 Million

Kurt Francis Sowers was born in Charlotte, North Carolina in January 1989 to Eric and Colleen Sowers. The Sowers are said to have grown up in the Weddington, North Carolina area. Also interesting is the fact that the bachelor “Joe Millionaire” has five siblings.


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Vanda, Tara, Kelly, Bret, and Sean are their names. All of Sowers’ grandparents have died, including his grandfather’s June E. Eyman and Hugh H. Sowers, who died lately.

There isn’t much else known about Sowers’ upbringing. To this point, no information about his education or adolescent life has been made available.

Kurt Sowers Net Worth and Career

To begin with, the FOX show “Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer” pits two single men, one wealthy and the other impoverished, against each other. They will date 20 ladies who have no idea who the millionaire is. Which man is the millionaire will be exposed in the end.


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Sowers is the CEO of a Charlotte-based construction company that appears to be doing well. The show has done an excellent job of keeping the net worth of its stars hidden once again. Sowers, on the other hand, appears to be wealthy, at least according to his social media accounts.

Sowers has traveled, according to his Instagram posts, but not to any exotic or expensive locations. Mexico, New York, Virginia, and his native state of North Carolina are among the places where he’s been stationed.

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Also worth noting is the fact that Sowers has recently dabbled in modeling. He’s also shown an interest in commercials, theatre, music videos, and extra roles.

Kurt Sowers Twitter

Sowers joined Twitter in September of 2010, but his account still has less than 500 followers. Surprisingly, his first tweet appeared on his profile in January of this year. Furthermore, his residence is in Quebec, and he describes himself as an entrepreneur.


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He also has an Instagram account, where he updates more frequently. Sowers refers to himself as the “King of the Dudes” and “Builder Boy Extraordinaire” in his bio. In addition, as of January 2022, his profile had approximately 6,700 followers. Finally, his Facebook account appears to have been deactivated.

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Kurt Sowers Age

As of January 2022, the co-star of “Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer” is 33 years old. In addition, the bachelor is five years older than his co-star Steven McBee. Sowers has kept most of the specifics of his personal life confidential up to this time. We know he has five siblings, but we don’t know if he’s the oldest, youngest, or in the middle.

What happened to the first “Joe Millionaire”? Who was the first “Joe Millionaire”?


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The first installment of “Joe Millionaire” was released back in 2003. The FOX reality show brought 20 women to France with a millionaire they thought they were dating. When the man finally made his decision, he had no choice except to confess his true financial status.
Evan Marriott, the first “Joe Millionaire,” was a bachelor who was actually a working-class construction worker, not a millionaire. Later that year, a sequel titled “The Next Joe Millionaire” was released, but it was not nearly as lucrative.

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There was a British counterpart named “Joe Millionaire UK” that aired for a brief time. It would, however, only last a little over a month. The new season hasn’t gotten a lot of attention so far. “Joe Millionaire” could have been a one-hit-wonder. The show’s deceit has been heavily criticized by critics.

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