How To Add Fake Location Filter On Snapchat? [Guide]

Hello, Snapchatters (yeah, that’s a term!!). Today, we’ll show you how to create a false location filter on Snapchat in simple and basic steps.

For the same, continue reading to the end, and now, without further ado, let’s get started!

Nobody could have predicted the global internet phenomenon that Snapchat would become eight years ago.

Fake Location Filter snapchat

This multimedia chat program has become a cult among 21st-century kids, teenagers, and adults.

One of the many unique aspects of this program is that you may use either a false or genuine location filter, depending on your interests and preferences.

Real-world location filters aren’t a big deal, and they’re fairly simple to use.

However, not many Snapchat users are aware of how to create a false location filter.

Don’t be concerned. We are here to help you find a solution to your problem. Let’s get started:

Steps To Add Fake location Filter On Snapchat

Fake Location Filter snapchat

To do so, you must first download and install another program called “Phantom” (from a third-party app store called “TweakBox”) for iPhone and Android devices.

To be honest, you can do a lot with this app to spice up your Snapchat experience.
But one of those things is – guess what – adding a phony location filter to Snapchat, which is our area of concern.

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So, once you’ve installed the Phantom, you can proceed with the procedures below to achieve your aim. Let’s get started.

What Are the Advantages in This Case? (Other than the obvious!)

  • Find “Settings” and tap on it.
  • Under Apps, find the newly installed “Phantom” app.

Fake Location Filter snapchat

  • Set whatever options you desire.
  • Now, open the Snapchat app.

Fake Location Filter snapchat

  • Open “Location”. Proceed to change your location.

Fake Location Filter snapchat

  • When you have decided on your new location, tap on it and keep holding it till the map itself goes away.

What Exactly Are the Benefits Here? (Apart from the obvious!)

First and foremost, you have complete freedom to use the world’s distinctive geographic filters.

Second, if you are concerned about your privacy and so fear that some random person would track you down, you can utilize Snapchat while avoiding all of your fears.

Finally, it may result in a more visually appealing story or “snap,” improving your Snapchat experience.

Alternate Solution to Hide Your Location

This is not a replacement for the Snapchat spoof location filter, but rather a way to mask your location for privacy reasons.

Simply turn off the location feature on your phone. The methods are simple enough, and Snapchat and other applications won’t be able to utilize your location as a result. It’s that simple!

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Word of Caution

The main procedure outlined above is a type of jailbreaking your phone, which may void your iPhone’s warranty. So, before using this strategy, be cautious and think it thoroughly.

Because you may not want to do this and void your warranty so soon if you have a brand new iPhone.


We hope that by following the detailed instructions and taking the required precautions, you were able to succeed and now have the ability to add a false location filter to your account.
As previously said, this is essential to a large number of people for a variety of reasons.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns about any of the steps, please leave a message in the comments section and we’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

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