Snapchat’s Dog Filter, App Updates Lenses for Dogs, How to Use and Get

Snapchat users have been attempting to use the filters on their dogs since the introduction of face lenses such as the famous puke rainbow and dog ears. However, because the lenses are meant to recognize human faces, it proved nearly impossible to get the lenses to recognize and display on the faces of Snapchat’s excellent dogs.

Snapchat launched new lenses made exclusively for dog faces as a holiday gift to users. Snapchat users may now customize their dog’s face with a butterfly or a pair of reading glasses.

The company began by adding lenses for users’ cats, then after a few months, they added glasses for dogs as well.

This video from Snapchat and the Wags & Walks adoption center shows all of the current filters.

Some Snapchat users have already started using them and were tweeting about their experiences. They were overjoyed at the prospect of using the new filters. One user even declared the new lenses to be one of the highlights of the year.

For some, the inclusion of the lenses was a long-awaited update to the software.

How to get dog lenses for your pup on Snapchat:

dog filter snapchat

Users should first upgrade their Snapchat app to ensure they have the most recent version. They can get the app upgrades from the App Store or Google Play.

Users should be able to access the lenses accessible in the app once it has been updated. They should point the camera in the direction of their dog’s face and tap on it. This will bring up a carousel of lenses at the bottom of the screen, which they may swipe through and try out.

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They may then shoot their snap photo or video and add it to their tale or email it to as many pals as they wish once they’ve applied the desired filter on the pup’s face. The lenses may also be used in selfie mode, allowing users and their pets to have matching lens accessories in images and movies.

The lens options are now limited, but as with the rest of Snapchat’s lenses, the business will most likely rotate them and add more as they gain popularity.

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