Alfie Oakes Net Worth, Age, Early Life, Politics, and Alfie Oakes Island – Everything You Should Know in 2022!

Who is Alfie Oakes?

Francis Alfred Oakes III (born June 16, 1968) is a Southwest Florida farmer, businessman, and politician. Oakes Farms, based in Immokalee, Florida, produces, packages, distributes and sells fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural goods, and he is the founder and CEO of the company. Fruit Dynamics and Food & Thought are two of his other businesses.

As a member of the Republican Party of Florida’s State Committee, Alfie Oakes represents Collier County. He is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump and a critic of Black Lives Matter, the media, and the government’s treatment of COVID-19, which has earned him both media condemnation and community support.

Alfie Oakes’s Net Worth

Alfie Oakes’ bank account density is currently estimated to be about $50 million, thanks to his businesses such as Oakes farms, Fruit Dynamics, Food & Thoughts, and others.

Alfie Oakes Early Life

Alfie Oakes was born on June 16, 1968, in Delaware City, Delaware. He and his family moved to Florida when he was a child, and he attended North Fort Myers High School.

He began working in his family’s produce company when he was five years old, and at the age of eighteen, he launched his first agribusiness, planting and selling tomatoes, strawberries, and zucchini.

He began importing tomatoes from Honduras after his crops were damaged by a freeze in 1989. He came to Western Texas to market watermelons after his early business attempts failed despite raising nearly $1,000,000, which he credits to inexperience.

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Alfie Oakes (Politics)

In 2020, Oakes was elected to serve as a State Committeeman for the Republican Party of Florida, representing Collier County. His political viewpoints have been widely reported in the media.

Oakes has criticized the government’s response to COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and George Floyd, and his remarks on those topics have provoked both pro and anti-Oakes protests.

The District School Board of Collier County and the School District of Lee County suspended relations with his company in response to protests, prompting Oakes to file a $50 million lawsuit against Lee County Schools.

In reaction to COVID-19, his company did not comply with Collier County’s mask rules, resulting in legal disputes between his company and the county administration.

Elections in 2020

Oakes is a vocal and unwavering supporter of Donald J. Trump’s presidency. During the presidential election in the United States in 2020. Oakes helped organize a group of 100 local demonstrators to travel to the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, and spoke positively about the controversial protest thereafter at his Seed To Table store in North Naples.

Oakes also sponsored African American Republican Byron Donalds for Congress and put up banners in his Seed To Table business encouraging his candidacy.

Undocumented Employees

The Florida Division of Insurance Fraud raided Fruit Dynamics in 2014, resulting in the arrest of 105 undocumented workers for workers’ compensation fraud and criminal use of personal identification. Although Oakes denied knowing about the workers’ undocumented status, the company offered to post bail to get them out of jail.

The raid was the largest in Florida history at the time, according to immigration advocacy groups. Pretrial diversion services were offered to many of those arrested.

“Forty to 80 percent can be undocumented on any given day,” Oakes told CBS News in 2016. “I can tell you, if we lost 40 to 80 percent of our workers, we would be crippled here.”

Alfie Oakes Age

Alfred Francis Oakes was born in Southwest Florida on June 16, 1968. His age will be calculated as 54 in June of this year, 2022, but he is already 53 years old.

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Alfie Oakes Island

Alfie Oakes owns an island off the coast of Manchester, England. CaféIsland is the name of the island. Due to the Island’s saline and accommodating character, it is a popular destination for both humans and animals.

Restaurants, bars, hotels, and anything else needed to make men’s and animals’ lives easier.

Alfie Oakes was detained for misbehaving at a hotel. So, what exactly happened?

Since the 4th of March, 2022. The arrest of Alfie Oakes at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has made the front pages of various news outlets.

The prominent corporate and political figure failed to give identification when trying to cash in his casino chip on Sunday at 9:00 p.m., according to a report from the scene.

According to reports, Oakes became combative with Seminole Security and police, which led to his detention.

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