Who Is Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend? Dating, Relationship, Complete Info!

American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest is also the host of several other shows, such as Live with Kelly and Ryan. Fans may wonder if he has time for a significant other because of all the things going on in his professional life. No, I don’t know anything about Ryan’s personal life. Let’s take a closer look at this.

For seven years, Ryan Seacrest was romantically involved with former Shayna Taylor.

Who Is Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend

Seven years of dating ended in a breakup in the summer of 2020 when Ryan split from his fitness model and fitness influencer girlfriend.

In 2013, Ryan and Shayna first met at a well-known Los Angeles restaurant. It took the star a while to approach Shayna.

He had a mutual acquaintance administer a quick survey about her dating and marital status before yanking her hairband.

It was Shayna’s claim that their first encounter was so romantic that they would frequently reminisce about it.

 In order to see if Shayna had any of her group members with her at the event, they contacted Shayna’s friend, who was sitting next to him and inquired about the group members.

In addition, ‘His friends come over and basically set me up in an interview chair and start asking me all these weird questions,’ she said. My hairband was torn off my wrist as an entry point, back in the 8th grade.

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When Ryan and Shayna announced their separation, the public was shocked.

It was a shock to fans when they learned that the stars had decided to call it a day.

@RyanSeacrest, Your quarantine has been reported to me.


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 This quarantine could harm another relationship if you and your partner don’t get back together. In the meantime, someone else said, “welcome to Georgia.”

Before they were able to get back together again, Ryan and Shayna went through their first breakup in late 2014.

There was a new split in February this year. At an Amalfi Coast resort town called Positano, they rekindled their romantic relationship earlier this year.

Exactly three years from now, they will celebrate their third wedding anniversary. There has been a marked decrease in the amount of time they’ve spent together since they first met in 2013.

Ryan once jokingly referred to their relationship milestones as “an entire system” during an appearance on Kelly and Ryan’s talk show.

Who Is Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend

A belated “Happy Birthday!” to Shayna on the occasion of her third wedding anniversary. So far, we’ve had three encounters. When it comes to relationship breakdowns, we’ve had many. We’ve had three dates now. Ryan chimed in, saying, “We’re also celebrating because of this.”

We’ve done this eight-year run together three times now. Because of this, “we celebrate every challenge,” he said.

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Who is Ryan Seacrest now Dating?

Ryan Seacrest was photographed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with an unidentified woman during the final week of June 2020.


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 There isn’t much information about her other than the fact that she spent a few days with Ryan in a private villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

A source tells E! Online that “he spent the entire weekend with her.”

As far back as June of 2021, there have been rumors circulating about Ryan Seacrest and an Instagram influencer named Aubrey Paige Petcosky.

New York City’s west side highway Heliport, where MailOnline published a photo of the couple on June 11, is the source of these reports. We’ve been told by an insider that Ryan has met the family of Aubrey. “They think he’s a great man,” one insider said.

Who Is Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend

Everything is going swimmingly for them at the moment. They couldn’t be happier.” It is a closely guarded secret that they are together.”

While Ryan hasn’t explicitly stated that he’s dating anyone right now, he does prefer to keep his personal relationships a secret.

It was a pleasant surprise, as well. When you’re constantly in the public eye, you deserve some privacy in your personal life.

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