Who Is Greg Grippo Dating? Information about the relationship

Greg Grippo, a previous Bachelorette contestant, discusses his relationship.

During a Feb. 14 episode of The Viall Files, Grippo said that he’s in a new relationship with a lady from Paris… Clémence Lopez, the same French influencer Bachelor Nation accused Grippo of dating back in November 2021, seems to be this mysterious lady. Despite the fact that nothing was ever confirmed at the time, Grippo now looks to be single — to the point where he gifted her (or someone else?) three dozen flowers for Valentine’s Day.

“I don’t see myself going to the beach right now.” “I’m actually seeing someone,” Grippo told Nick Viall, the podcast’s host. “Does she live in Paris?” says the narrator. Viall was well aware of the tales surrounding Grippo and Lopez when he stated this. “She does,” Grippo said emphatically. OK. So, although he may have begun seeing someone in Paris, he continues to follow Lopez on Instagram and like her posts on a regular basis.


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 So, how serious is Grippo’s romance with his enigmatic Parisian lady? Grippo’s Bachelorette castmate Andrew Spencer said, “Bro just purchased three dozen flowers, by the way,” while being questioned beside Grippo. Paris is, after all, the city of love!

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Gregg Grippo stated of their relationship, “I honestly want to meet someone, you know, and I don’t particularly enjoy dating around.” As soon as I create a connection with someone, I prefer to see where things go.”

Long-distance travel, on the other hand, is not easy. The flight from Paris to Los Angeles, where Grippo is now residing, takes roughly 12 hours. There’s also the matter of a nine-hour time difference to consider. “I mean, obviously, it’s a bit tough,” Grippo said of the distance. “There’s the entire Paris situation, as you stated… but I’m giving it my all right now.” 36 roses aren’t exactly a plane ticket, but they’re certainly not insignificant.

Despite the Greg GirliesTM unhappiness with his new relationship status, Grippo seemed to be as happy as can be with his new Valentine.

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