Who Is Addison Rae’s Boyfriend? Dating, Relationship, Complete Info!

Rumoured boyfriend Omer Fedi has appeared to confirm his relationship with the TikTok star by mentioning her new Netflix film He’s All That on his Instagram Stories, where he also appears to have referred to her as “the best.”

There have been numerous rumors about Addison Rae’s current relationship since her breakup with Bryce Hall in March of this year.

Rumors range from musician Jack Harlow to Kourtney Kardashian. After weeks of speculation, musician Omer Fedi appears to have confirmed their relationship, so it looks like we finally have some confirmation.

Who Is Addison Rae’s Boyfriend

It’s no secret that Fedi is very proud of the success of Rae’s new film, He’s All That, and the song he produced with the Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber is currently the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100.

As evidence of their accomplishment, Fedi included screenshots of their work together “This is a great time to be a mother and a father! So proud of her, I can’t even begin to express how much I love her.

What if we’re the first couple to combine a film and a song in that way?! Then again, I love you, honey.


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 A lot of people have been wondering about the couple for some time after seeing them out together and holding hands, but this is the first time that they’ve officially confirmed their relationship.


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 Along with Bieber, Omer Fedi is a guitarist and producer who has worked with artists such as Lis Nas X and Machine Gun Kelly it all makes sense when you remember that Addison, Kourtney K, and Megan Fox have been hanging out together.

When Addison Rae’s posted a video to Instagram showing two shadows on a wall looking cozy together, which Omer then reposted, rumors began to circulate about the two of them getting together.


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 While they’ve appeared together on Instagram a few times since it’s impossible to know for sure what’s going on between these two.


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 To say Omer used the word “couple” in his description would be an understatement.

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