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US Rep. Jackson proposes legislation focusing on the US-Mexico border.

Representative Ronny Jackson (R-Texas District 13) and other Republican members of the United States House of Representatives recently introduced legislation to encourage cabinet members who oversee immigration efforts to travel to the border on a frequent basis.

“Border Czar Accountability Act of 2022” would mandate that any Cabinet member appointed by the President to focus on immigration be required to visit the border every 60 days, per a news release Also mandated by the legislation is the submission of a report to the President and the United States Congress, “explaining their findings and outlining solutions for improving the security at the southern border.”

Benefits for SNAP recipients in Texas will be extended through February.

Representative Jesse Jackson of Texas is a member of the House’s Border Security Caucus and says that the current administration’s immigration policies are causing “the worst border crisis in history.”

US Rep. Jackson proposes legislation focusing on the US-Mexico border

He says this is because the current situation at the southern border is causing a “public health crisis, a haven for criminal activity and threat to our national security. Jackson alleged that the Biden administration’s immigration leaders were not doing enough.

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It’s time for leaders in charge of these issues to be held accountable for their blatant failures, Jackson said. “… With the Biden Administration’s open-border policies, Americans have been exposed to serious national security threats such as drug trafficking and possible terrorists as well as human trafficking.

US Rep. Jackson proposes legislation focusing on the US-Mexico border

The Border Czar Accountability Act of 2022 should be supported by my colleagues. “This massive and avoidable crisis must be addressed by the Biden Administration,” says a senior official.

Additionally, Texas Representatives Brian Babin and Randy K. Weber, along with Ohio Representative Mike Cary and Florida Representative Byron Donalds, are also co-sponsors of the bill.

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