The IRS’s decision to remove facial recognition was important

Facial recognition as a tool isn’t awful, but how it’s utilized may make it appear bad, according to Brett Johnson, cybersecurity, cybercrime, and ID theft expert who spent over 20 years in the cybercrime industry.

The IRS's decision to remove facial recognition was important

“It’s unclear what does with our information. The CEO claims that they were required to keep our data for seven years due to rules. He recently said that we may delete such data if we so want. As a result, there is some dishonesty going on “Johnson asserts.

“Furthermore, I do not believe in a government entity compelling individuals to give up their personal information to a commercial firm, which then profits from collecting that information. Our threat environment is becoming more dangerous as a result of this.”

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Johnson also covers the following topics in a video interview with Information Security Media Group:

  • The pros and cons of facial recognition;
  • The various problems with;
  • The road ahead for proper authentication.

Johnson, dubbed “The Original Internet Godfather” by the US Secret Service, was a key player in the cybercrime world for more than two decades. ShadowCrew, the forerunner of today’s darknet marketplaces, he founded and led. While helping create, execute, and perfect identity theft, account takeover fraud, card-not-present fraud, IRS tax fraud, and other social engineering assaults, breaches, and hacking operations, Johnson was crucial in developing several aspects of online fraud. Johnson is now employed as a cybersecurity consultant and public speaker.

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