The IRS Sends a Strange Letter to An Ohio Woman.

Toledo, Ohio (WTVG) – The city of Toledo, Ohio (WTVG) You’re getting a slew of forms and letters now that it’s tax season. A good time to take a close look at them is now, as some of them may reveal a serious issue.

Scammers may have gotten their hands on some of those documents, and now is the time to try and stop them.

This is what a woman in Toledo, Ohio, discovered. In the header, it says, “Department of Treasury.”

A request for tax information is described in the next section of the document. Afterward, the IRS informs you that it is unable to supply the materials you requested. Items that were never requested by a 13abc viewer.

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Due to the fact that this has happened before, I’m a little ticked off. ‘Now what?’ is how I feel. Honestly, I need a break here. To my surprise, they sent it to me. This is what the anonymous 13abc viewer had to say.

The IRS Sends a Strange Letter to An Ohio Woman.

While her name and address appear to be correct elsewhere, this request contained a different person’s name. A name she doesn’t recognize, which may be the reason for the denial of the request for documents or transcripts.

Because of the unemployment papers, she was receiving in someone else’s name, she said, “Not again.”

Scammers have already applied for unemployment benefits using her address in the last two years, so she’s become a prime target.

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This crook’s activities aren’t entirely clear, but the IRS may have detected them at this point because the case has been closed. Nonetheless, crooks are always on the lookout for new ways to outdo their rivals.

The IRS Sends a Strange Letter to An Ohio Woman.

It’s nearly impossible to prevent something like this from happening. It’s everyone’s responsibility to recognize and report problems as soon as they arise, and to keep an eye on all accounts and the upcoming letter to see if the situation has worsened. “There are a lot of mean people out there.”

What should you do if you find yourself in this situation? If the IRS comes after you, you can provide documentation such as a police report from your town.

You can also file a tax return for it. Scams like this can be reported via their website. There is no guarantee they will catch the criminal, but at least you’re alerting them to the fact that there is an issue.

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