Terra Nova Season 2 Release Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!

Terra Nova was cancelled by Fox despite strong ratings and a cliffhanger ending, but here are the reasons why. Terra Nova imagines a world in the year 2149 where pollution is a serious threat to human life.

The Terra Nova colony was established 85 million years in the past when a time-traveling fissure was discovered.

On Terra Nova, commodore Taylor (Stephen Lang) and Jim Shannon’s actor Jason O’Mara served as the Shannon family’s leaders as they acclimatized to their new surroundings (Avatar).

The first episode of Terra Nova cost more than $10 million to film, and each subsequent episode cost an additional $4 million to produce.

In some of the action sequences, computer-generated dinosaur attacks were used.

Prior to the show’s debut, Fox heavily advertised in the hopes that Terra Nova would be a hit, similar to Lost’s success. Terra Nova was a big hit at the box office, despite receiving a mixed reception from critics.

Terra Nova Season 2

There was no second season of Terra Nova even though the first season’s ratings were steady.

Terra Nova’s second season has yet to be decided upon. In the past, while filming in Australia, Fox had expressed dissatisfaction with the show’s costs and production issues.

However, Fox was compelled to postpone the release of Terra Nova season 2 due to the costs of maintaining its cinematic scope.

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In spite of producers’ efforts to find a new home for Terra Nova on another network, Fox abruptly canceled Season 2 in March 2012.

Terra Nova Season 2

In spite of SyFy’s initial interest, Netflix was seriously considering a second season, which would have been produced on a smaller budget by moving the production to Hawaii. In spite of Netflix’s initial interest in a second season, they ultimately decided against it, too.

What Terra Nova Season 2 Is About

Brannon Braga, Terra Nova’s executive producer, has since revealed that in season two, the colony will meet a new intelligent dinosaur species.

If Taylor had committed suicide, reports say Shannon would have been thrust into the role of leader.

Terra Nova Season 2

In a motion comic bonus feature, viewers could choose their own ending, but the options were limited. Some believe that dinosaurs from a long time ago escaped and now roam the 2149 cities.

It was decided that the second season of Terra Nova would not be broadcast due to the show’s length and the high production costs.

Terra Nova Season 2

The show’s creators might have realized the value of their vision after seeing the success of more cinematic shows like Game of Thrones.

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