Stimulus check: Social Security & fourth payment?

Since the beginning of the recession, millions of Americans have received stimulus cheques, but many on Social Security are still battling with their fixed income and inflation.

Stimulus check: Social Security & fourth payment?

Many people are asking Congress for a fourth stimulus check, but many more are asking for one expressly for seniors on Social Security.

As Omicron continues to spread at a breakneck pace, the economy is in danger of collapsing. Inflation hit 7% in December, putting individuals on a fixed income in dire straits.

How does the economy impact payment work?

The Senior Citizens League has been lobbying Congress for the fourth stimulus payment to be sent to seniors who need it.

Social Security in 2022 and stimulus payments

When it came to the COLA rise, seniors experienced one of the largest increases in recent history, with a 5.9% boost.

While this is a significant gain, it is insufficient to counteract inflation and Medicare cost increases.

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Stimulus check: California February 2022 payments

Senior citizens have been compelled to consume just one meal each day, according to the Senior Citizens League. To get by, they’ve also reduced their pharmaceutical intake by half.

The Build Back Better plan, which has not yet been enacted, has certain measures for seniors but does not include a fourth stimulus check.

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