Dates to Keep an eye out for in the Social Security Payment Schedule for 2022

Due to the largest cost-of-living adjustment in nearly four decades, beneficiaries can expect an increase of 5.9 percent in their Social Security benefits this year. The Social Security Administration has been forced to raise benefits for the elderly by an average of $100 a month due to rising inflation and supply chain pressures.

Each month, payments will be due at this time:

Second Wednesday of every month for those born on the 1st-10th

Your birthday falls between November 11th and December 21st if it falls on a Wednesday.

It is the fourth Wednesday of every month for those born on the 21st to 31st of the month


Payments begin in January of 2022.

January 12th: Wednesday

Jan. 19th is the third Wednesday

Jan. 26, fourth Wednesday


Payments for February 2022.

Wednesday, February 9th:

The third Wednesday of February is February 16.

Third Wednesday: February 23rd


Amounts due in March 2022

Wednesday, 9th of March

In the third week of March:

March 23 is the fourth Wednesday of the month.


Payments will be made in April 2022.

Wednesday, the 13th of April

Wednesday, the 20th of April

The 27th of April is the upcoming fourth Wednesday


Payments are due in May 2022.

In the second week of May

May 18th: Third Wednesday

May 25th: Fourth Wednesday


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Payments for June 2022 are as follows:

During the second week of June

June 15th is the third Wednesday

The 22nd of June is the next Fourth Wednesday.


Payments due in July 2022

Wednesday, the 13th of July: the second Wednesday of the month

On the third Wednesday of July

July 27th is the fourth Wednesday of the month


Payments for August 2022 will be made as follows

Wednesday, August 10th

Aug. 17th is the third Wednesday

Wednesday the 24th of August is the fourth Wednesday


Payments will be made in September 2022.

Wednesday, September 14th

The 21st of September falls on the third Wednesday.

Thursday, September 28th


Payments for October of this year:

Wednesday, October 12th

Wednesday, October 19th

Wednesday, October 26th


Payments for November 2022

Nov. 9th, the second Wednesday

Wednesday, November 16th

The 23rd of November is the fourth Wednesday of the month.


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Payments for December of 2022

Wednesday, December 7

Dec. 21st: Third Wednesday

Wednesday, December 28th

The new rate went into effect on January 1st for Social Security recipients and on December 30th for those receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

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