So far 11 Beijing Games personnel in hospital with COVID, none serious

(Reuters) – BEIJING, Feb 2 (Reuters) – According to Brian McCloskey, head of the Beijing 2022 medical expert group, eleven Beijing Olympics-related workers have been hospitalized with COVID-19 in the Chinese capital since Jan 23, out of a total of 232 positive cases.

So far 11 Beijing Games personnel in hospital with COVID, none serious

In the previous 24 hours, organizers reported 32 incidents, 15 of which were among fresh airport arrivals.

According to McCloskey, none of the hospitalized persons are in critical condition, and the aggregate daily figure will begin to decline as the number of participants coming decreases.

“There have been 232 incidents since Jan. 23,” McCloskey said, “163 from the airport and 69 from the closed-loop.”

Around 3,000 athletes, coaches, officials, federation representatives, and journalists are anticipated to attend the Games, which will be held from February 4 to 20, and the “closed-loop” will enable them to travel between their accommodations and Olympic venues using official transportation.

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They are not permitted to roam freely in public and are subjected to regular testing in order to detect any spread inside the loop as fast as possible.

“We haven’t noticed any major dispersion inside the loop yet. We aren’t very concerned with, “According to McCloskey. Since January 23, more than 540,000 tests have been performed.

“They (positive case numbers) won’t go down right away,” McCloskey said, “but as we get to a constant number of patients, we anticipate it to go down.” “The truth is that every nation on the planet has a higher COVID-19 level than China.”

China has isolated itself with a zero-tolerance approach, canceling practically all foreign flights, in contrast to many other nations striving to live with COVID-19. All of the participants are flying in on private charter planes.

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