Minister apologizes for holding meeting despite a positive COVID-19 test

  • After getting a positive COVID-19 test, the Minister apologised for prolonging an in-person meeting.
  • Gillian Keegan claimed she got a favourable response but decided to keep the discussion going for a little while.’
  • People in the United Kingdom are required to self-isolate after getting a positive test.

Following a positive COVID-19 test, a health minister apologised for breaching her government’s own guidelines by continuing an in-person meeting.

Gillian Keegan stated she had a positive lateral flow test while speaking with “three dads who had lost their children to suicide” on Tuesday.

Minister apologizes for holding meeting despite a positive COVID-19 test

She stated she “took further measures” but “stayed for a short duration” with people she was meeting’s permission.

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Keegan did not elaborate on the safeguards she took, nor did she explain why she did not wait for the results of the lateral flow test she had taken just before to the meeting.

“I should have quickly stopped the meeting,” she said, “and on reflection, this was a judgement mistake on my behalf.” I understand the significance of adhering to the rules’ text and spirit, therefore I’d want to be transparent about what occurred and apologise for the error I made.”

Edward Argar, a colleague health minister, said Keegan “instantly realised she’d made a mistake in judgement” and apologised on Wednesday morning.

He told GMB on Wednesday, “She has sorry, she moved very quickly to apologise.”

“If you test positive for coronavirus, you must self-isolate right soon to prevent transmitting the illness to others,” the government’s own coronavirus recommendations say.

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The instructions further state that “if you do not self-isolate after receiving a positive PCR test result, you may be punished.”

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