Mar-a-Lago documents containing Kim Jong Un ‘love letters’ had to be recovered by the Trump White House

The National Archives recently recovered multiple boxes of official paperwork that Donald Trump had transported to his Mar-a-Lago residence, including “love letters” between the former president and North Korean despot Kim Jong-un, as the committee investigating the 6 January riots combs through records from the Trump administration.

President Trump may have violated the Presidential Records Act by not preserving nearly all the documentation produced and circulated during his time in office, according to a report in The Washington Post. The documents were found in his Florida encampment last month.

In the wake of the 6 January insurrection, a number of media outlets have reported that the committee investigating the Trump White House’s conduct between the 2020 election and that date is confronted with the difficult fact that the former president would frequently attempt to physically destroy documents that legally needed to be preserved, in the process requiring his staff to tape shards of paperback together as best they could.

Mar-a-Lago documents containing Kim Jong Un 'love letters' had to be recovered by the Trump White House

A letter from President Barack Obama to Donald Trump upon his inauguration was also among the papers and items recovered, according to the Washington Post.

Following the 6 January committee’s major legal breakthrough in obtaining mountains of paperwork and communications records that President Trump insisted were shielded by “executive privilege,” news of the Mar-a-Lago document cache has emerged.

Several times, the former president attempted to rely on this legal principle to shield his personal affairs from public view in court, but it appears that current Vice President Joe Biden has decided not to do so for the records that his predecessor considers to be private.

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Recently, the official party of the Republican Party has further supported President Trump’s preferred (and ever-shifting) narrative of events on January 6th, with the RNC formally censured select committee members Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for their participation in the inquiry.

Mar-a-Lago documents containing Kim Jong Un 'love letters' had to be recovered by the Trump White House

These words were even criticized by some elected Republicans who have supported Mr. Trump’s policies thus far. The vice president of the United States also claimed that he had no authority to overturn the results of the election, saying that “President Trump is wrong.” He also claimed that the idea floated by President Trump’s advisers to have the executive branch overturn the election results were “no more un-American.”

The enthusiastic applause he received for his treasonous stand against the former president was a sign of the party’s growing confidence in him.

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